REPO MAN Bristol post-rock beatniks return with new video

REPO MAN  video premiere – ‘Sirhan Sirhan’ ahead of gig with USA Nails on Saturday and a forthcoming album.

I first reviewed Bristol band Repo Man and their Minesweeping album in 2015. ‘The label ‘noise-rock’ does the band a huge disservice as musically it’s quite complex and technical…’ I said.   

Later, in 2019 I described I Can Live With It If You Can, Son as ‘an album for people who are tired of everyday music and rock’n’roll, who want something new and difficult to get their teeth into… cerebral jazz punk for thinkers and drinkers on the edge of a nervous breakdown…

They are back!  But provide little by way of information… other than a somewhat disturbing video of how they persuade the reluctant vocalist Bojak to rehearse… and this:

‘Sirhan Sirhan’ is the first track unveiled from the new Repo Man album ‘Me Pop Now’ recorded at Giant Wafer Studios in Mid-Wales by Wayne Adams (Bear Bites Horse) in June 2022.  Date of release currently to be confirmed.

The video was filmed and edited by the band’s guitarist Aron Ward.

‘Me Pop Now’ is the fourth Repo Man album and the first to feature Aron Ward (Olanza/Harpoon/Bryn Wryd) joining the lineup on guitar and Simon Mawson (Action Beat) on drums.

‘Sirhan Sirhan’ is a taster of ‘Me Pop Now’s aural foraging into different stylistic realms and odd juxtapositions. Me Pop Now. Pop Me Now.

But luckily the video is a very cool piece of artfully put together visual fun. The first couple minutes music are deceptively sunny-day jazz with clarinet noodling and worryingly contemporary-sounding… but the jittery Repo Man we know and love soon emerge and the album title ‘Me Pop Now’ seems to be a bit of a fib. It ends in full-on schronk noise and a cry from Bojak of “Nein Nein Nein swarfega I dont understand”.

Live Dates

SATURDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2022   USA Nails* + Repo Man + Predeceased -The Crofters Rights, Bristol   – Tickets 

* “We are USA Nails from London, England. We all used to be in other bands like Kong, Future Of The Left, Death Pedals, Silent Front etc. Maybe we are no-wave, maybe we are noise-rock, maybe we are post-punk. If you are familiar with the work of The Fall, or Wire, or Glenn Branca, or Arab On Radar, or Sonic Youth, maybe you would think we’ve ripped them off a bit.”



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