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*Sharing this current note to workers from Valerie Capers Workman, VP People:

Hi Team,

Earlier today, a jury in San Francisco chose that in late 2015 and early 2016 Tesla stopped working to ensure that a person agreement worker (Owen Diaz) was not racially bothered while he operated at the Tesla Fremont factory. I heard the statement of every witness. I was at the defense table for Tesla every day throughout the trial due to the fact that I wished to hear firsthand what Mr. Diaz stated occurred to him. It’s essential to comprehend the realities of this case. Here is what the jury heard:

  • Mr. Diaz never ever worked for Tesla. He was an agreement worker who worked for Citistaff.
  • Mr. Diaz worked as an elevator operator at the Fremont factory for 9 months, from June 2015 to March 2016.
  • In addition to Mr. Diaz, 3 other witnesses (all non-Tesla agreement workers) affirmed at trial that they frequently heard racial slurs (consisting of the n-word) on the Fremont factory flooring. While they all concurred that using the n-word was not suitable in the work environment, they likewise concurred that the majority of the time they believed the language was utilized in a “friendly” way and typically by African-American associates. They likewise informed the jury about racist graffiti in the restrooms, which was eliminated by our janitorial personnel;
  • There was no witness statement or other proof that anybody ever heard the n-word utilized towards Mr. Diaz.
  • Mr. Diaz made composed problems to his non-Tesla managers. Those were well-documented in the 9 months he operated at our factory. But he didn’t make any problems about the n-word up until after he was not employed full-time by Tesla – and after he employed a lawyer.
  • The 3 times that Mr. Diaz did grumble about harassment, Tesla actioned in and ensured responsive and prompt action was taken by the staffing firms: 2 professionals were fired and one was suspended (who had actually drawn a racially offending animation). Mr. Diaz himself affirmed that he was “very satisfied” with the outcomes of among the examinations, and he concurred that there was follow-up on each of his problems.
  • Even though Mr. Diaz now grumbles about racial harassment at Fremont, at the time he stated he was being bothered, he advised to his child and child – while they were all cohabiting in the exact same house – that they operate at Tesla with him.

While we highly think that these realities don’t validate the decision reached by the jury in San Francisco, we do acknowledge that in 2015 and 2016 we were not ideal. We’re still not ideal. But we have actually come a long method from 5 years back. We continue to grow and enhance in how we deal with worker issues. Occasionally, we’ll get it incorrect, and when that occurs we ought to be held liable.

The Tesla of 2015 and 2016 (when Mr. Diaz operated in the Fremont factory) is not the like the Tesla these days. Since then, Tesla has actually included an Employee Relations group, committed to examining worker problems. Tesla has actually included a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion group committed to making sure that workers have the level playing field to stand out at Tesla. And Tesla now has a detailed Employee Handbook (changing the Anti-Handbook Handbook) where all of our HR policies, worker defenses, and methods to report problems are released in one easy-to-find online file.

We acknowledge that we still have work to do to guarantee that every worker feels that they can bring their entire self to operate at Tesla. And as I published in July, we will continue to advise everybody who gets in the Tesla work environment that any inequitable slurs – no matter the intent or who is utilizing them – will not be endured.

Thank You For All You Do For Tesla

VP, People