Proper Guideline About Gems Certification-


Gemstones are an asset if you choose to preserve them, albeit the beautiful jewelry they make, both for party wear and everyday wear. However, what if you bought one without a gems certification?

Will that has the same value or for that matter re-sale value? Don’t you think certified jewelry will have guaranteed buyers should you choose to sell them?

Of course, gemstone certification could be a long arduous process, but it is important. So, whenever you buy it from a jeweler or from an individual, ask for proper documentation.

What Is Gems Certification?

Gems certification means to determine the difference between synthetic and natural gemstones and their clarity.

The Certificate or gemstone report also helps to get information related to stone cuts origin, clarity, weight, measurements, transparency, color and shape.

All these details are mention on that report by using most advanced gemological techniques and equipment.

Importance Of Gem Information Important

Gemstone information is important to factor that everyone has to know during buying or after buying any gemstone.

Because that information helps you to increase gemstones appearance and durability. It also helps for buying and identification of natural and lab-created stone.

Certification of Gemstone may include the following details:

1. About whether the gemstone is natural or fake(synthetic).

2. Non-Heated and Non Treated gemstone.

3. Color Quality of the gemstone.

4.Weight of gemstone in carats.

5. type of cut of the stone.

6.The specific gravity of that stone.

7. Hardness in Moh’s Scale.

8. Refractive index of the gem.

Some of the most respected Gemological Institutes are the Gemological Institutes of America (Mumbai), The Gem Testing Laboratory (India), Gemlab and the IGI (India).

These organizations meet even the international standards. Because of the way they treat each case analyzing the gemstones thoroughly and giving away all the information that is required for the buyers or the sellers.

Getting A Gems Certification

Always ensure that while buying any gemstone, it gets proper certification. Therefore, try to avoid the following factors:

• Any verbal communication from the jeweler about stone.

• Certificate Related Issues.

Ensuring The Gemstones

Buy certified gemstone online and you can ensure them easily because insurance agencies for gemstones ask this question first if you go to ensure gems.

Securing your jewelry can help ensure your jewelry insurance quotes, but one also needs to maintain the jewelry, otherwise, there will be minimal to no coverage.

However, if your main agenda is to lower the insurance premiums, ensure that the coverage does not demand security measures at home to protect your collection.

In certain certifications, if the jewelry does not leave the house, the premium could be less.

What if the piece is made up of a number of low-value pieces? In that case, blanket coverage is the best option. The total collection can be insured or its entire value.

In case of damage or loss of a particular item, you may receive a percentage of the insurance or a cost that is limited to that particular item.

A gem testing report for up to 10 carats of a gem may cost Rs 500 per stone, for mounted gemstones, the cost would be Rs 700 and above, for rough gemstones of up to 10 gm, it would cost around Rs 1000 per stone.

Likewise, there are different grades for diamond grading report and diamond jewelry certification.

Certifying gemstones can be costly, but remember to invest in it one time to get a lifetime of benefits.


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