Hey, guys, I haven’t been on here for a while.

 But here some of my prom pictures. My prom experience was hectic. I wasn’t even sure I was going to prom in the first place. My friends were so sure they were not going because the prom ticket was $ 95.

But it was senior year, this was our last hoorah together. The end of our high school musical even though high school was nothing like the movie (imagine my disappointment).  Almost all of my friends had their life together for prom from their makeup appointment to their custom made prom dresses and car rentals. I was just sitting pretty. I didn’t have the means or money to get my dream prom dress. All of my friends were giving me advice . Thankfully our school PSTA was doing a prom giveaway for people in my predicament. There I saw a long silky black dress and then everything begins to fall into place. My friend was doing my makeup, I had my hair appointment and my cousin was my ride to prom. I thank God for this experience. I had a fun  and safe night. I realize how supportive and grateful the people around are

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