Pokemon Chest Website Revealed, Hidden Images Discovered

Just a few weeks out from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Pokefans are scrambling for any new piece of information on the upcoming titles. Just yesterday a Coin Pokemon from an earlier trailer was shown in full for the first time, that same Coin Pokemon then began showing up after yesterday’s Community Day (Which will be happening today in the US). This morning The Pokemon Company tweeted out a timestamp and a link to a website with a chest that is seemingly tied to this strange occurrance.

The website, pictured above, is a simple website that shows a number at the bottom of the screen, a dial in the top left, and a closed chest in the center. While the website doesn’t give much away on it’s surface there are more things to find. By inspecting the elements of the page you can find that the counter in the top left is called shoulder_000.png but there is also a shoulder_999.png file that shows the counter filled and now with a gold background instead of a black background.

The chest in the middle of the screen also has its secrets if you go digging into the image names. The box currently is labeled box01_01.png but there are incrementing versions of the first and second digit. First the chest opens and is seen from a front on view, but there are five images that show the box incrementing with coins.

How does this tie into Pokemon Go Community Day?

There were a few things that happened at the end of the Pokemon Go Community Day in New Zealand. The first one is that the new Coin Pokemon that was datamined began appearing, they’re extremely small though so keep a close eye out for them. Another thing that happened was that Pokestops were turning Gold, when players would spin them they’d begin earning coins. These aren’t regular Pokecoins, the premium currency of Pokemon Go, but instead, they are a new key item. Each player can obtain up to 100 of these coins by spinning golden Pokestops. As we see in the website datamine the chest, once opened, is filled with coins, it’s likely that sometime soon players will be able to deposit those coins to open and fill the chest.

This event is similar to what happened with the reveal of Meltan in Pokemon Go, that even also had a similar leak the days before as Pokemon Go is constantly datamined for any changes. 

The Chest is Opening?

After the website was live for an hour the Chest Opened. This allowed people to see the front on and side images and at the time of writing the counter in the top left has incremented to 039.

Andrew Stretch

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