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At Ignite Swansea #3 I spoke about Georges Perec’s masterpiece, Life A User’s Manual.

Perec was — and indeed still is — a member of OuLiPo, a Parisian literary group interested in exploring the effects of applying mathematical patterns to text. His work seemed an appropriate subject for a presentation constrained to fit the ignite formula:

20 slides × 15 seconds = 5 minutes

It’s material I’ve spoken about before but the slides are new. The talk was recorded. I enjoyed attempting just-a-minute × 5, though on the night I could have sworn I was subject to a cruel powerpoint bug which sped up the playback.

OuLiPo fans might like to see if they can find the clinamen. The moustache is what happens in the fourth week of Movember. My thanks to all @IgniteSwansea and Cinema & Co for putting on such a great evening.

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