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In this series, we share a few of the motivating stories of how WordPress and its worldwide network of factors can alter individuals’s lives for the much better. This month we include a translator and advocate who utilizes WordPress to highlight great causes and assists individuals in her location gain from the open source platform.

Devin pictured with one of her cats

Going to a WordCamp can be a life-altering experience, as Devin Maeztri found. Every occasion she goes to is an additional action on a journey of finding the WordPress neighborhood and its lots of chances.

“It is not that hard to fall for WordPress if you have a chance to experience WordPress. For me, it took a WordCamp.”

Devin Maeztri

Devin’s very first experience with camps came when she offered unscripted at an Indonesian occasion, WordCamp Denpasar, Bali in 2016. 

Here, she made an extensive discovery: “WordCamps can bring people who will give back to the community, even if they don’t get anything from WordPress directly.”

With every WordCamp after that very first experience, she ended up being more thinking about WordPress and the neighborhood. 

Over time, Devin discovered she wished to belong to WordPress occasions regularly. She ended up being a routine at Meetups in Ubud and Jakarta, signing up with as a co-organizer at WordCamp Jakarta in 2017 and 2019. Later, she handled the function of co-organizer for Meetups in Jakarta and Ubud. 

Smitten by what WordCamps can use and how they can bring individuals together throughout nationwide borders, she signed up with the arranging group for WordCamp Asia 2020. Sadly, this occasion was to end up being the very first significant WordPress occasion to be cancelled in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Naturally, Devin hopes WordCamp Asia will take place sooner or later soon. Beyond the anticipated WordPress knowing and sharing that occasion will promote, she thinks its extremely scale will display how WordCamps include global tourist and cultural understanding all over they occur.

Devin pictured with other WordCamp Asia organizers who attended WordCamp Europe in 2019
WordCamp Asia 2020 Organizers at WordCamp Europe 2019. Devin is visualized in the front row, 2nd from left. Photo Credit: Abha Thakor

Showing how WordPress can be utilized in your area

After experiencing a number of occasions, Devin had concerns: “At WordCamps and Meetups, you hear stories about how WordPress powers the web. How it changes the lives of so many people, how it helps dreams come true. It made me think, considering WordPress is that powerful, why are there not even more people in Indonesia using websites, and more using WordPress? Why aren’t more talented Indonesian WordPress users, developers, designers, and business owners taking part in projects? Language, for me, was the main answer.”

The service Devin felt was to make WordPress readily available in the primary regional language. She stated: “I believe, the more content translated into Indonesian, the more Indonesian WordPress users see WordPress as more than just a blogging platform or a content management system. They will realize it’s a huge open source community that works together to make the web a better place. The more plugins and themes translated, the easier the work of the developer and designer will be. The more people see how WordPress can enhance their life, the better the ecosystem for business owners becomes.”

Encouraging others to equate WordPress

After talking with others about how WordPress might be much more helpful in Indonesia, Devin felt she needed to make an individual dedication to restoring the polyglot task in Indonesia. With another volunteer factor and through promo, the regional polyglot group grew and the interest in translation grew. She likewise handled the obligation of a General Translation Editor for the language.

Polyglot nominatee - Devin Maeztri

Through the efforts of Devin and the other translation editors, Indonesia participated in WordPress Translation Day in 2020, and in 2021 held sprints and finding out sessions covering the entire one month of the occasion.

Her interest and commitment to assisting others equate WordPress in your area and promoting the worldwide neighborhood were acknowledged in the Polyglot Appreciation Nominations for 2021.

Helping to admit to more varied audiences

Through her participation in translation, Devin observed there were few ladies associated with the WordPress neighborhood in Indonesia. Often, she discovered herself the only lady at an occasion.

So, in addition to a number of neighborhood members, she began Perempuan WordPress, a regional effort. This group is open for everybody to sign up with, however focuses on ladies as occasion speakers.

Devin has actually gone on to support the work of the Diversity Speaker Training group in the Community Team, equating products and promoting efforts in Indonesia. She is eager to motivate others to get included with this effort which assists increase the variety of speakers at Meetups and WordCamps.

Organizing at WordCamp Jakarta 2019

In her expert functions, Devin is a supporter for WordPress as a tool for individuals with a variety of capability. She does not code, however utilizes the platform thoroughly for her tasks. In 2014, she registered for a complimentary account on to keep and share notes about what she saw or was considering as she travelled on public transportation to work. This website did not develop into a blog site, however rather presented her to other chances and the huge abilities of the platform.

WordPress can support your abilities and enthusiasms

With a background in ecological advocacy, Devin has actually worked for global advancement companies on whatever from policymaking to marketing. 

Behind the desk, she dealt with policymakers and arranged conferences and conferences. That implied doing a great deal of composing and equating and dealing with individuals on the ground who were affected by the policies. “My work on the ground usually involved researching, movement building and community empowerment,” she kept in mind.

Her deal with occasions motivated Devin to get associated with WordCamps and Meetups and share her energy for making things take place. As in her expert work, she felt WordPress was a chance to work and show individuals about something that can make a favorable influence on another person’s life.

“For me, everything comes from the heart. I do things that I feel so strongly about. Things that call me, and things that I am good at but still giving me room to learn and become better at. WordPress can be the perfect place for this.”

While she was in between tasks, Devin was motivated to offer at WordCamp Denpasar 2016. With some assistance, she developed an online CV. She likewise found out to handle a WordPress website, browse the wp-admin, and make the content interest possible companies. 

She ultimately got a task as an advocate to construct a motion online and offline. The creation of lots of university buddies in America, who utilized digital projects to go worldwide, the project utilized WordPress. 

Devin worked together with a digital advocate and assisted form the material, the call to action, and the user experience. She likewise needed to utilize the wp-admin to make some changes. As an international motion, it established its resources in English, so she likewise evaluated the work of the translators she dealt with.

One of Devin's cats watches the WPTranslationDay 2021 livestreamed events.
Devin’s feline ended up being a routine on social networks posts about #WPTranslationDay 2021

She left her task as an advocate at the end of 2018 to focus on freelancing – and to invest more of her leisure time adding to the WordPress neighborhood. She likewise used up the effort to assist street felines in Jakarta. 

Devin stated: “So, I am busy helping these cats but also learning how to fundraise using a website. I’m learning to use online forms, set up a payment service provider, work on SEO, and do other new things I need to learn to grow my initiative. I do have the privilege to learn directly from a personal guru. The same person who convinced me to volunteer at WordCamp Denpasar, and who I married in 2018.”

WordPress offers everybody an opportunity to discover

Devin was so enthused by being a factor for WordPress, she participated in the video shorts following the Translation Day occasions.

Devin speak about equating in this short video (opens in a brand-new tab on YouTube)

She is likewise active in other Contributor Teams and chose to end up being a Community Team Deputy to support meetups in brand-new cities throughout Indonesia and maybe future WordCamps. 

She stated: “One of the things that I like about WordPress is that it is very welcoming and open to people like me, who don’t code at all. At the same time, it shows me a different way of looking at the world.”

Devin thinks in the power of WordPress to offer ‘everyone a chance to learn new things’ and permits her to contribute and share her understanding and experience. “By contributing, I hope to make a difference in someone’s life. I hope they feel the benefit of using WordPress and want to give back to create a healthier WordPress community.”


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