Multiversus is getting a coop arcade mode “very soon” in Season 1

Surprise hit platform fighting game Multiversus (opens in new tab) is picking up steam, with an announcement of what’s to come in its Season 1 update at this week’s EVO fighting game tournament. Most of it was known: A ranked mode, new cosmetics including skins of bugs bunny as Brünnhilde the Valkyrie, some icons and such, alongside new characters like actual real world basketball player LeBron James (opens in new tab), or the decidedly-fictional Rick and Morty.

Perhaps most surprising was an unexpected play mode, a singleplayer and coop Classic Arcade Mode. If that’s anything to go on it’ll be a mode of successive battles against the AI, like classic arcade fighting game machines. Leakers and rumors say (opens in new tab) it’ll be available either solo or in Multiversus’ signature 2v2 mode cooperatively, will have several difficulty settings, and up to 10 stages.

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