I checked out the old stone under a loupe (10x magnification) and it looked amazing. No scratches. No abrasions. The facet junctions were all crisp, none are abraded or worn. So then we pulled out the cushion cut moissanite ring she wears sometimes, and louped that stone as well. Again, same thing! No chips, scratches or abrasions on the stone anywhere. #badass

People often ask us about the durability of our moissanite, and Colleen is the perfect test case. (Sound on for that Instagram vid, wait for it.) She never takes off her rings. Not to shower. Not to swim. Not to do dishes, play outside with her two boys, or anything else. And trust me, this woman is a whirling dervish of fun and adventure, so if our moissanite can stand up to her adventures, it can certainly stand up to yours.

Interestingly enough, of the thousands of moissanites we’ve sold thus far, only 3 have come back with a scratch on them. We had the scratches buffed out by a lapidary, so on some occasions those scratches can be fixed. But seriously, that’s pretty frickin’ impressive. Full disclosure, we’ve had several little guys (melee) come back with small chips or abraded girdles (the girdle is the outermost edge of the stone, where the crown and the pavilion meet. I’m doing an anatomy lesson soon, to go further into detail on such things.) This happened when multiple stones were rubbing against each other, in 2 rings worn stacked.

We’ve since tweaked the design of a few of our eternity bands and anniversary bands to prevent this from happening. The NEO has a warranty that covers chips and scratches, as well as color changes and clouding, so make sure to register your stone when you receive your jewelry! I’ve also slipped a few times while setting them, scraping my prong pusher right across the table of a couple of them and no marks. I may have had a small heart attack when I did that both times, since I didn’t want to ruin the stone or the ring, but thankfully all was well.

Watch this video of Colleen making sure her rings could stand up to some water sports. 😉


Jen Hollywood-Showell

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