Manage Flatpak Permissions Graphically With Flatseal

The more recent variations of Android provide you a more granular control over the gain access to and consent a specific app can have. This is essential since numerous applications were (are) abusing the system authorizations. Download a weather condition app and it will ask to access your call logs as if that has anything to do with the weather condition.

Why am I speaking about Android app authorizations? Because that is something you might relate with this application’s performance.

You most likely currently understand what Flatpak is. These are sandboxed applications with chosen access to system resources like file storage, network user interface etc.

Just like Android, you can manage the access to system resources by Flatpak applications. By default, that occurs with Flatpak commands and not everybody can be comfy with it.

And thus, there is this small energy called Flatseal that enables you to handle and manage the Flatpak authorizations at application level.



Flatseal is a visual energy to evaluate and customize authorizations your Flatpak applications has actually got. This makes things a lot simpler than going through the commands.

Flatseal notes all the set up Flatpak applications. When you pick one, you can see all the authorizations. The made it possible for authorizations can be quickly spotted and if you desire, you can disable it.

For example, Ksnip is a screenshot energy and it likewise has networking access to share the screenshots with online services like Imgur. If you do not require it, you can disable it.

flatpak permission control flatseal
Control authorizations of specific Flatpak apps

If absolutely nothing else, it is intriguing to see what type of authorizations an application has. For example, you can see that ksnip has the capability to run in the background (so that you can utilize it for taking screenshots with keyboard faster ways).

flatpak permissions with flatseal

Installing Flatseal

Since it’s everything about Flatpak, it just makes good sense that Flatseal is offered as a Flatpak bundle.

On Fedora, if the Flathub repo is included, you can install it from the software application center.

install flatseal
Installing Flatseal from the software application center

Otherwise, the command line is constantly there to assist you.

flatpak set up flathub com.github.tchx84.Flatseal

Do you actually require to manage authorizations?

That’s a subjective concern and it absolutely depends upon you. Thankfully, the desktop Linux apps are not as violent as Android apps up until now.

An typical user generally does not trouble with these things which’s absolutely great.

However, if you are extremely careful about these things or you discover a great factor, Flatseal supplies the simple alternative.

You must likewise beware about what authorizations you are altering. If you disable an approval essential to the performance of the application, it will definitely trigger problem while utilizing the application.

So, in general, this is not something a typical user is going to utilize.