LeoVegas News Signs New Partnership With Inter Milan

It’s not the first time that we’re seeing a leading sports betting website tying up with a leading sporting franchise and it’s certainly not going to be the last either. This time, it’s one of the global sports betting brands in LeoVegas that has gone on to create a new strategic partnership with an Italian football franchise, in a hope to further boost their brand name and portfolio.

We’re talking about one of the most iconic teams in the Italian League – Inter Milan – and they’ve gone on to ink this new partnership deal, with the contract between the two companies being signed for 3 years as of now. As per the strategic partnership, sports content platform LeoVegas.News will be Inter Milan’s official information partner during the time of the deal.

Inter Milan ties up with LeoVegas News

While the sports content arm of LeoVegas will portray all the relevant information regarding the club like news, players, highlights, tickets, scores, and more, LeoVegas.com will receive much needed branding inventory at the team’s home stadium and training facility as well. And while it’s common practice to have betting brands as football sponsors, Italy has strict rules regarding gambling ads.

And because of these rules, LeoVegas can’t directly be the brand sponsor and hence they’re having to route it through their subsidiary called LeoVegas.News. This is a sports content platform and thus, it’s in line with the Italian regulations on betting advertisements. Both the parties are super delighted with this new partnership.

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“With this agreement we are going to share a cultural approach to digital entertainment, which will attract more football fans. We will be showing every value that connects us with Inter Milan,” said the Chief Marketing Officer of LeoVegas.News, Niklas Lindahl. It may now lead to a string of other betting brands tying up with football clubs from the Italian football league.

“For our strategic growth it is important to share unique and fun content with our fans from everywhere so that we can be an entertainment company globally. Thus, we are thrilled to partner with LeoVegas who share the same values,” said the football club’s Chief Revenue Officer, Luca Danovaro, about this development.

LeoVegas is making their intentions clear that they want to emerge as a global leader in the sports betting industry and expanding their physical presence is the right way forward. The news comes a short while after they also announced that they had started partnering with one of the most popular English football clubs, Manchester City.

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