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Do you want to ask the perfect woman to marry you? You’ve been daydreaming about this moment for months, maybe even years. Now, the time has finally come. You’re ready to choose an engagement ring for the love of your life! Trending Engagement Rings for 2017-2018 include pear-shaped diamonds, wide bands, circular centers, and more. If you want something trendy, beautiful, and stylish, we have designs to choose from at JWO Jewelers. We can even custom design your perfect engagement ring from scratch. Just say the word.

Trending Engagement Rings

Why should I choose a trending engagement ring?

Trending Engagement Rings will make your future bride the most talked about woman in the room. These show-stopping rings are attention hogs, guaranteed to make your loved one feel like a princess. While you are absolutely under no obligation to choose a trendy ring, you’ll find most would-be brides respond well to rings that capture the attention of the people around them. You want something that will make your fiancee gasp and smile in delight – not something that will make her wonder what your intentions are. From the moment you open that box, she should understand that this is the most important moment of her life. Trending Engagement Rings convey that emotion.

Trending Engagement Rings

What rings are currently in style?

Pear-shaped diamond cuts are currently in style, along with traditional diamond rings, silver bands, and plenty of sparkles. Bigger isn’t always better. For this reason, small, simple diamond rings are coming back with a vengeance. Cost-conscious couples are looking for something impressive and traditional in nature, but simplistic in design. You’ll also find that precious gemstone engagement rings are trending, providing more options as you shop. You don’t necessarily need to purchase your loved one’s birthstone either. Everyone has a favorite stone. Customize her engagement ring by choosing a stone that makes her heart melt.

Other Trending Engagement Rings include halos. Halo settings have been popular for some time, and it’s easy to see why. A row of sparking gems draws attention to the beauty of your center stone and make it look bigger. In 2017, we’re forecasting a more unique take on this trend – everything from intricate, vintage-inspired designs to geometric, blinged-out halos. 

Vintage, colored stones and unique shaped center stones in mixed metals are in – and we think the trend is here to stay. According to bridges.com, and many other online bridal publications, colored stones were a big trend in 2016 and they’ll continue to be covetabl enext year too, but with a twist. Instead of a single colored stone, which will remain the classic look, 2017-2018 will also bring new gemstone accents. Think a sapphire and diamond duo or a yellow diamond halo.


Trending Engagement Rings

What if I want something non-traditional?

Trending Engagement Rings can be non-traditional, especially precious gemstone rings. You can also custom design a ring to fit the needs and expectations of your fiancee. Maybe she wants something with stones around the band. Maybe you want to mix a diamond centerpiece with precious gemstone accents. Whatever you envision, develop a non-traditional engagement ring through the customization process. If you aren’t sure what to construct, talk to our experts at JWO Jewelers. We can help design a ring that your loved one will cherish for the rest of her life. Remember, engagement rings are forever. You want something that your fiancee will never want to take off – no matter what. Sometimes, going a non-traditional route makes this possible.

Trending Engagement Rings

What if I’m shopping on a budget?

Many modern brides and grooms are looking for affordable engagement and wedding rings. Rather than simply having the man shop for an engagement ring, couples walk through the process together. More and more often, proposals take place before an engagement ring is purchased. Even more often, engagement rings and wedding rings (for women) become one and the same.

There are several alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring. You can buy a ring with the birthstone and favorite gemstone of your loved one, rather than an expensive diamond. You can purchase a unique estate ring. We also suggest speaking with a customization expert to determine what options are available to you when you build from scratch.

Another cost-effective way to shop for an engagement ring is to intentionally pool together your resources to purchase one ring to rule them all – a ring that will serve as both an engagement and wedding ring. The ring can be customized to your heart’s content using whatever stone you’d like. There are no rules. This concept is trending quickly, especially amongst young couples.


Trending Engagement Rings


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At JWO Jewelers, we live to see the smile on your face when you find the engagement ring of your dreams. We’ve been a member of the Greater Atlanta Community for more than three decades, ever since Dirk Hochburger dedicated his life to the craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Now his children, Krist and Heidi Hochburger, run our shop with grace and creativity. There is very little we cannot do!

Whether Trending Engagement Rings or non-traditional engagement rings are your style, we’re here to help make your engagement the most important moment of your life. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (770)-552-9235 or fill out a form online. We look forward to hearing from, and working with, you soon!

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