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Do you consider yourself less-than-traditional as a bride? Do you want to surprise your loved one with a unique, impressive engagement ring? Are you simply looking to make a statement as a betrothed couple? Whatever the case, Engagement Ring Trends in 2017-2018 include a variety of beautiul yet non-traditional rings. 

Classic choices are coming back, while less “notable” styles are becoming the new norm. From center stones filled with color to vintage-inspired designs and single-studded diamonds, brides are choosing less traditional jewelry to celebrate their special day. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Engagement Ring Trends currently stealing all the attention when it comes to Engagement Ring Trends! 

Rose Gold – Diamonds & Stackable Rings 

Engagement Ring Trends

Rose gold is a different shade of gold, mixing red hues and making it a great look for many complexions. Much like white gold and platinum, it is the current trend that is being favored by young brides around the world.  This gorgeous shade has been closely admired for decades. For a significant period of time now, however, it disappeared for a period of time only to make a strong come back a few years ago. Now, soon-to-be-brides are rocking the vintage look, which extenuates Diamonds and gemstones within the design.

Colorful Diamonds & Gemstones 


If you want to go the non-traditional route, consider boasting a colorful diamond with hues like blue, yellow, pink, and red. You’ll stand out from the crowd without feeling too out-there. If you really want to make a statement, chocolate diamonds are making a distinct comeback.

Colorful Gemstones – Engagement Ring Trends 2017
Engagement Ring Trends

Don’t want to sport a traditional diamond? Engagement rings should be unique and match your personality. Some women prefer practical over bling. How about diamond accents or your favorite gemstone? You can customize the gemstone to match your birthday – or you can choose your favorite! The possibilities are endless when you choose a stone with multidimensional colors, like alexandrite. Your ring will have a color-changing effect.

Floral Accents and Designs

Engagement Ring Trends

Nowadays, engagement rings are covered in flowers, vines, petals, and garden-variety details. If you want your ring to say something about your relationship with nature – or if flowers, vines, and petals calm you – this could be the route for your engagement. 

Square Bands

Engagement Ring Trends

Square bands present a unique opportunity to be both traditional and non-traditional. You can have all the glitz and glamour of a gorgeous diamond ring, all the while touting a comfortable, stylish square band. These bands are totally sleek and offer more space for your finger to relax.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Antique vintage diamond engagement wedding ring art deco style

While rose gold is a great step forward for vintage rings, you can choose another direction. Consider a ring with an art deco flair – or maybe something a bit more elegant. You could pick an heirloom piece for your engagement ring. You could also find a ring with a timeless sort of flair. Whatever you choose, vintage designs are the way of the future.

Scrollwork Design – Trending Engagement Rings 

JWO Jewelers specializes in Custom Design

Engagement Ring Trends

These setting focus on ornate settings and scrollwork rather than diamonds and gemstones. While you can incorporate these must-haves into your ring, you can also enjoy the simplicity of an elegant and creative band.

Detailed Side Views

custom engagement jewelry design by JWO

Are you tired of Engagement Ring Trends that keep the focus of the ring on top? Try side-focused bands that continue the design throughout the piece. These bands symbolize the eternal bond you and your partner have. And – let’s face it – they can be fun to look at!

Unique Diamond-Cut Shapes

JWO Jewelers custom engagement jewelry design by JWO

Custom engagement Ring Design by JWO Jewelers

If you want to be unique while still respecting tradition, consider a simple diamond in a creative shape. This shape could be a pear, a Radiant, an oval, a heart, a bow, or something more specific to your relationship. This is your opportunity to incorporate something you love without going overboard.

Double Shanks

Engagement Ring Trends

The Marquis is back. These days, when you want diamonds, you want diamonds. Having a multi-band diamond ring doubles the glamour while giving your engagement ring a more fashion-forward, highly-designed feel.

Mixed Metals and Colors

Engagement Ring Trends

Can’t decide between metals and stones? Mix and match! For decades, Engagement Ring Trends wasn’t a mix and match situation. Rings were expected to be stable throughout. This is no longer the case. Feel free to experiment and make certain elements of your ring pop.

Unique Prongs


If you want a standout piece, but not overkill, consider adding defined metal prongs to your engagement ring. If the prongs match your stone, they can create a seamless look that your friends and family will adore. 

Stacked Bands

Engagement Ring Trends

One of the most popular recent trends is stackable engagement rings. This method is completely customizable. You can do anything you want! 

Twisted Bands & Ring Guards 

Rose Gold Engagement-Wedding Set

Modern Bezel Set Diamond in 18K Rose Gold with fitting band to enhance engagement piece

Twisted Bands and Ring Guards are back and yet another way to create a unique engagement ring without going overboard on gemstones and diamonds. Place your focus on a creative band and your ring will speak for itself – no stones required.

Delicate Settings – Modern Engagement Ring Trends 

Popular Engagement Ring Trends include the Oval as a center stone. JWO Jewelers - Love To Create with Krist Hochburger Diamond Engagement Rings - Jwo Jewelers

Gold-Halo Style Setting – Center Oval Diamond – Pave accent diamonds pave diamonds in Band


Delicate settings are becoming more and more popular as the younger generation grows. You don’t have to spend big bucks for an expensive diamond. Get something simple that says, “I love you.”

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