June 2020 “Finish it!” Design Challenge


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Well, it’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? Almost a full year since the last design challenge and I’d say I’m definitely ready to be inspired, amazed and enthralled by the talent you all eternally possess. While life has seen fit to distract me from posting this challenge, I’m here to say at last it arrives!

The usual contest jargon is as follows:

Enter between June 10-July 15. Open world wide.

The purpose of the “Finish It!” challenge is to encourage the participants to extend themselves, their talents and creativity beyond the limitations of a single set of instructions and create pieces uniquely their own. Tutorials have been an integral part of my personal evolution as a jewelry artist, from such talents as Eni Oken, Iza Malzcyk, IMNIUM and Lonely Soldier. And my progression from the steps and instructions provided to me by others has been a worthwhile journey towards my own creative self-discovery. Tutorials need never represent a “cookie cutter” aesthetic, nor the only design possibility, but rather a gateway to limitless possibilities, and the entries received for these contests have proven, time and again, the truth of that statement.

Here’s the gist: At the bottom of this post is a link to a tutorial or, more accurately, the beginning of a tutorial, and ending abruptly less than halfway through the instruction. Your job is to create a piece beginning with the steps, as explained in the file, but ending with your own imagination!

Contest Rules:

  • No beads or stones may be used at all. This is a wire-only challenge.
  • To assure fairness, only the size of wire gauge may be changed. All lengths listed must be utilized (with the exception of tails too small to use). Wire color or type (copper, bronze, silver, etc) are up to each contestant.
  • Tools not listed may not be used at all during the construction of your piece. However, the pliers may be substituted for any other single pair of pliers. If a hammer, for example, isn’t listed in the “Materials & Tools” list provided with the instruction, it may not be used during the construction of your piece. *Finishing tools and processes, such as for polishing and oxidizing, may be used as they do not directly influence the size and shape of the finished design.
  • All weaves detailed in the beginning of this lesson must be utilized in the piece. However, other weaves may be added once the required steps are completed.
  • When a piece is completed to his or her satisfaction, the contestant is asked to submit a single photo of a single finished piece via email, to [email protected].com. Please title this email “Contest Entry”. No compilation photos. One single clear photo is requested. The completed project may be photographed on a chain, if desired, and on any display. Please save the image file as “Your Name Here” and send as an attachment (not embedded in the email). Following these submission guidelines assures your entry is not missed! The deadline for this submission is July 15, 2020, 11:59 pm (US Eastern). Note: Photoscape and Picasa are both free programs suitable for image resizing and photo editing, as needed.
  • On July 16th, an album will be created on Pinterest containing the submitted entries, then put to vote before all participants. Note: By submitting an entry to the “Finish it!” Design Challenge, you are granting Nicole Hanna permission to display your image online for the purposes of promoting or running this contest.
  • The participants will vote for “Group Favorite”, by commenting on their favorite entry (only one comment, on only one entry), with all votes submitted between July 16th and Midnight July 21st. If you do not have a Pinterest account, or (for any reason) cannot comment on the entries to cast your vote, please submit your vote to [email protected] and I will comment on your behalf. More on this in a later post.
  • Votes will be tallied and winners announced July 22nd.
While this is mostly intended to reward you with a sense of accomplishment, the “Group Favorite” will win my completed version of this project and any ten tutorials of their choice, plus $25 via PayPal (be sure to be PayPal ready!)

A “Judged Favorite”, chosen by a panel of four jewelry artists and three “consumers” (none of which will be participating in the contest), will also receive any ten tutorials of their choice plus $25 via PayPal.

Every contestant will receive the finished version of this tutorial simply for participating. This tutorial will arrive as a reply to your submission email, after the contest is closed to new entries, so check your spam folder if you do not receive it by July 22nd. Also, be sure your email host will accept incoming attachments. I’ve had many emails rejected because the mail box was full, or security settings did not allow attachments.

Note: Please access this file via a laptop or desktop computer. Some mobile devices are uncooperative with PDF downloads, and I may not be able to address requests for manual email delivery of this file in a timely manner (thus using up your submission time).

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