June 2020 “Finish it!” Design Challenge, Gallery of Entries


Yup, you’ve gone and done it again and created some absolutely fantastic entries for this (long awaited) design challenge. Not that I ever expect any of you to disappoint, but you’ve certainly exceeded expectations! Some had similar ideas to my own, as regards the flow and shape, but each were absolutely unique in the finished vision, which is why I love these contests so much! I’m always amazed by the effort, intensity and dedication to ones craft displayed by each of these entrants, and am filled with inspiration as a result. 

Now VOTING BEGINS and it’s time for the normal contest jargon….

View the GALLERY OF ENTRIES here (please view from desktop or laptop as the link is proving finicky from phones and tablets)

​I often hear a lot of folks say that tutorials somehow negate the creative force, that following the instructions of another lacks a sense of originality. And this design challenge proves exactly why that’s nonsense! Instruction is not law, it’s not immutable. You are allowed to work with the flow of a lesson, or row down your own river. It’s a jumping-off point, but not canon. I love to see how others change designs, allow mistakes to happen, cut wires too short accidentally and have to improvise. Those moments always spoke to me on a personal level, and offered me the opportunity to own the process, which is exactly what these entrants have done. They OWNED it! 

(Please note: I received 69 emails and responded to each. I checked my spam folder daily to make sure I didn’t miss a single entry. If you attempted to enter and do not see your entry in the gallery, please send me an email ASAP. I will add your entry to the gallery as quickly as I’m able.)

The gallery of entries will be available for VOTING, however, through July 22nd, 2020. Voting is open only to those who participated in the contest. To vote:

  • Please only ONE vote per participant. If the same person comments with their vote on multiple entries, all comments will be dismissed, and the vote invalidated. Please, only vote once.
  • Please use the word “VOTED” in the comments of the entry to cast your vote. 
  • If, for any reason, you cannot place your vote yourself, contact [email protected] (or through the contact page here on this website) with your choice and I will vote on your behalf.
  • Please only vote if you are a participant in this contest. 

A note to non-participating viewers and commentators…. please reserve the term “VOTED” for participants only, to avoid confusion during the judging process, but do feel free to comment as a show of appreciation for the beautiful work submitted. These entries are worthy of the recognition they receive and then some.

On July 23rd, votes will be tallied and the “Group Favorite” (most voted by participants) will win my completed version of this project, any ten tutorials of their choice and a $25 cash prize via PayPal. In the case of a tie, I will place the deciding vote.

Also, a “Judged Favorite”, chosen by a panel of four jewelry artists and three “consumers” (who are not participating in the contest), will also receive any ten tutorials of their choice and a $25 cash prize via PayPal.

Every contestant should receive the finished version of this tutorial as a thank you for his or her participation. This tutorial will be sent as a reply to all the participants, within the next day or two. Please check your spam folder or contact me at [email protected] if you do not receive your copy of the tutorial by the end of the weekend.

Thank you all so much!

Happy weaving!

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