I guess the most used words from the start of the year to this date are Corona and Quarantine and trust me, I’m sick of these.

Now when I say quarantine, three things would come to your mind:
1. Bored
2. Online Classes
3. Bored

What have I done all this time being quarantined? I’ve painted, learned to play games, studied (I’ve tried I promise), and spent an awfully long time crying because I miss my friends.

The crazy thing is, this is my last year in school, and when I thought of this moment two years ago, being stuck in the house because of a scary pandemic that has shut the entire world down and no vaccine has been found yet, was certainly not what I had in mind. But I guess that’s the irony of life, you think of something and plan it perfectly, and then reality is just its total opposite.

Another crazy thing is, I’m sitting in one country attending school in another country, but I don’t have a problem with that, because we’re one and a half-hour ahead of them so I get to wake up late and still be on time for the first class 😉

Again, I never thought of this two years ago. If we think about everything that has happened in these past 5 months, its official, we’re in a mess.

But then again, who’s ever become better without going through the worst.

So, pay attention in class, please exercise, and OH, it’s Mother’s Day today, go wish your mom, but most importantly, sAniTizE.

-Nabiha 🙂

PS- Here’s a meme, please laugh

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