Meet Sebastien Skubala!

We’ve been planning this for quite a while and now, finally, I got this opportunity to do an exclusive interview with this 15-year-old singer-songwriter/actor from Australia. He’s been performing since he was 9 in films which have later made their premiere at Cannes Film Festival!

His latest song “Hide Yourself” has been released on various platforms {I’ll link everything here in my blog!} 


Q1. You’re constantly releasing songs and doing short films, how do you manage that along with the studies? 

I’m very accustomed to juggling school with acting and singing because I’ve had to do it for so many years! I usually manage by completing as much work as I can in school hours and working hard in class. The work I don’t finish at school I do in the car on the way home. My time after school is then free for me to work on my creative stuff. I expect it’ll get a bit harder to do that when the workload increases as I enter my senior school years, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes!

Q2. How old were you when you realized that this is what you want to do?

Acting and singing weren’t really things that I consciously decided to do, they just organically manifested over time. I was about 6 years old when I first started performing, so that was 10 years ago now! My first ever role at age 6 was Prince Charming in a youth musical version of Cinderella, and I have just finished playing that exact same role for a school Drama play!

Q3. Do you think you’ll pursue acting and singing as your main profession later in life?

Definitely. I’ve recently found magic and love that’s so special and I don’t imagine myself finding that in any other career. I’ve always been a creative person and expressed it through singing and acting and more recently, through songwriting. My plan is to continue pursuing acting and singing as a career when I finish school.

Q4. What was your family’s reaction when they heard about you wanting to perform?

My parents have always been fully supportive and encouraging of all my interests. I’m an extrovert so performing was a logical choice. My grandparents are probably my biggest fans which are so nice. And my cousin is already working in Hollywood so that’s really exciting for her.

Q5. What do you enjoy the most while filming and recording?

I enjoy the magic of connecting with another actor. The feeling of truly being in the moment, letting go and surrendering yourself to the character is unparalleled. When I’m recording I love coming up with riffs and harmonies on the spot. The creative process is definitely the best part.

Q6. Do you have a role model you look up to? 

Yes, I do actually! There are just too many to list. But to name a few, I admire fellow Australian Hugh Jackman as he’s a man of many talents, for example he’s an action star and a musical theatre performer. I also love Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool franchise, I’m excited to see what he’s going to be doing next. Anyone who has taken their acting career and are now writing or producing their own work are inspirations to me. There’s just so many: Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Glover, Margot Robbie, Drew Barrymore and the list goes on. They are my role models.

Q7. What/Who inspired you to start acting and singing?

My parents inspired me to start. They have guided me along the way and were the ones who gave me the courage to take the first step. My very first audition at age 9 was for a youth theatre musical. I was so nervous I actually ran out of the waiting room! I have come such a long way since then. My parents continually support me and encourage me to work hard and keep going. There’s a lot of rejection and competition in the business so you have to have a really good support network around you.

Q8. What has been the best experience, by far, for you?

The best experience for me has been working with likeminded people in the industry. When you work with great people on a film or a play, to be a part of a group of amazingly talented people all creating something together, that is the best feeling. A more specific example was working on set filming the music video for Hide Yourself, it was so much fun. The cast are actually my friends in real life, so we basically just chatted and laughed and ran amok in the streets and were filmed having fun for hours. It was the best. So there was no acting there, that was all real. It’s rare to be able to work with your friends, so I appreciate those opportunities when they arise.

Q9. Last, but not the least, is there anything you want to say to the teenagers listening to your songs and reading this blog? 

If you have a dream, stick to it. Don’t let anyone else tell you you’re not good enough or should become something else. Do what makes you happy. Do what you love. Stay focused, work hard and don’t give up. You’ve only got one life. Live it. 


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