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There are several tools that help transcribers become more productive and I have mentioned said tools in this post.

One popular transcription software is Express Scribe, where transcribers use hot keys on the keyboard, such as F7, F9 etc to transcribe audio.

However, your feet can get involved in the process as well. That’s where the Infinity USB Digital Foot Control with Computer plug (IN-USB2) comes in.

With the Infinity USB Foot Pedal, you can control the audio (forward, rewind or pause) with your feet. However, are all foot pedals the same, or, are there functional variations that come with different models?

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In answering this question, let us review one of the most popular foot pedals used by transcribers worldwide: the Infinity USB-2 Digital Foot Control, (IN-USB-2).

Overview of the Infinity USB Foot Pedal

This foot pedal is as simple as most foot controls.

It is black in color and has three functional foot buttons (keys). It connects to the PC via a black non-detachable USB chord with a USB-2 head. The brand name, “INFINITY”, is embossed on its upper face, above the middle control.

It does not come with any software as the manufacturer says that it will be compatible with most of the available software.

Pros of the foot pedal

It has a cool ergonomic design. The designer gave it a “slope” such that the foot rests comfortably on the pedal, helping you not to push the pedal too hard or move your foot too far to hit the buttons.

The foot pedal has three buttons. The middle one, used for play/pause functions is wider than the other two. Since this is the most-used button, it was quite thoughtful of them to expand it. 

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On both sides of the middle button are two narrow buttons. The left one is the rewind button while the right one is for fast-forwarding.

The buttons are ultra-heavy-duty. In other words, they do not feel fragile at all even if you press your foot all the way down.

Some of the average foot pedals in the market are too fragile and give the impression that they can easily break. In contrast, the Infinity Foot Control is comfortable and sturdy.

You also don’t have to lift your foot off the pedal when switching the foot. 

In other words, if your foot was on the rewinding button but you need to move it to the “play” key, you simply need to reduce the pressure on the button and it will deactivate. 

You then move it onto the center key, apply some pressure and the play function will be active.

In addition to the convenient layout, the pedal as a whole, is compact in that the size and weight are accurately proportional.

Unlike some foot pedals, it doesn’t’ move and slip when one presses down on it. This is prevented by its designer anti-slip bottom and also the weight which anchors it to the surface.

What about power? Once you have the USB head plugged into your computer, as long as the computer is on, the pedal will work. No need for batteries or charging.

Finally, there are no worries about software compatibility with the Infinity USB digital foot control. This is because it works well with almost all the foot pedal software available.

Cons of the foot pedal

The hardest part about reviewing this foot pedal is deciding what its faults are. All I can add are proposals to improve on its already top-of-the-range service.

For example, some customers have suggested including a custom software disk in the event that future software becomes incompatible with it.

It would be pretty awful to be stuck with a good product that cannot be used due to lack of software.

The width of the button at the middle is perfect. However, the side buttons are a little too narrow.

You get used to their size after a day of use, but if they were a little wider, the pedal would be much better. This would not affect the functionality but simply for comfort purposes.


In the simplest of words, I would say that the Infinity USB Digital Foot Control is worth the money. It greatly simplifies transcription work and helps you enjoy transcription work. We all know transcription can be a bit tedious. 

If you are looking to purchase a transcription foot pedal, this particular brand should be your first choice.

Get the Infinity USB Digital Foot Control with Computer plug (IN-USB2) from Amazon today. 


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