Improve Viewer Engagement: A Complete Guide to You Tube Timestamps

Here’s whatever you require to learn about You Tube timestamps, how to utilize them, and how they can enhance your audience retention and engagement.

You Tube has actually remarkable functions focused around functionality and easy to use interactions. Timestamps are very important in getting audiences to the ideal location within a video rapidly, and assisting them browse essential details present within a video with usingChapters Here’s whatever you require to understand …

What Are Timestamps?

Within You Tube, timestamps inform the video gamer precisely where to begin the video when clicked. Timestamps are either consisted of in a video’s URL or within the You Tube platform itself. Clicking a timestamp will take you straight to the time noted in the link, avoiding whatever prior to it and getting the audience right to the pertinent point in the video. This removes your audiences from scrubbing through your video looking for the info they require. Instead they can solve to the point.

Timestamps take your audience right to the point. Image by means of Kaspars Grinvalds.

How Are Timestamps Useful?

Timestamps can be beneficial in basically any kind of video. Here are a couple of examples of how you can utilize timestamps in a couple of various video formats.


Man on Tablet
Timestamps assistance to hold your location after stopping briefly a video. Image by means of Kaspars Grinvalds.

Each action within a tutorial or guide can be segmented with timestamps. This will assist the audience understand how far they are along the method and track the actions in case they need to return in the future.

Videogame Gameplay

While each video game is various, timestamps can be beneficial to designate either the level the gamer is on, where fascinating points in the videogame occur, or perhaps alert the audience of prospective spoilers ahead.

Live Music and Concerts

We’ve all searched for our preferred bands on You Tube to see what their set resembled at a current show. If you’re just thinking about listening to a particular tune within their setlist, timestamps can take you right to the items, bypassing the tracks you’re not thinking about.


News Articles
Timestamps will take you right to the story you’re interested in. Image by means of Prostock- studio.

Within a news program, each sector or story can be designated with a particular timestamp. This will take the audience right to the story they’re interested in.

Timestamps Within a URL

You can consist of timestamps in the shareable URL of a video from You Tube. When an audience opens the URL, the video will start playing right from the time wanted. The most convenient method to develop a URL with a particular timestamp is to utilize You Tube’s integrated “Share” button from the video’s page. This is frequently situated simply listed below the video, above the Subscribe button. This will open a little sharing choices box, with a “Start at:” alternative. The time noted will default to the time in the video when you click the “Share” button, however can be altered to the precise time wanted.

URL Timestamp

Once you click the “Start at:” alternative, you’ll discover the shareable URL includes a piece of text to the end. The “?t=110” determines the time where the video will start in seconds. As it stands, the video will start at the 1 minute 50-second mark or 110 seconds. You can likewise by hand include the “?t=XX” to any You Tube URL to start a video any place you ‘d like.

Timestamps Within the You Tube Platform

You might wish to consist of timestamps within a video description or discuss You Tube. This is extremely basic. All you need to do is type out the minute and seconds you desire the timestamps to be in the format “MM:SS”– or as an example, “1:50.” This will instantly make the text a timestamp for the video it’s connected with and leap to that part of the video when clicked.

Timestamp Comment
How it’s composed prior to publishing …
Timestamp After
How the remark appears when it is published.


This takes us to the next level of timestamping videos–Chapters Chapters divide your video into different parts and reveal the audience where particular sections (or pieces of info) can be discovered within the video gamer itself. Chapters appear within the video gamer, segmenting the timeline with little titles simply when hovering over the particular chapter.

Timestamp Example
This is how timestamps will appear within the video gamer.

Additionally, including chapters to your videos assists Google show your clips as ideas for possible searches. Chapters will appear on searches and take visitors directly to the piece of info they looked for. Chapters are a wise method to enhance your channel’s reach, plus you can enhance them for SEO.

Video Chapters

Adding Chapters to your video is extremely basic. Simply go to your channel’s material page and go into the “Edit Details” alternative for the particular video you ‘d like to include chapters to. Within the video’s description, just type the time in “MM:SS” format where you ‘d like the chapter to start, followed by the chapter’s title. Example: “01:50 – Step 1.” Click conserve and examine the format by opening the video’s link and scrubbing through the gamer’s timeline.

Timestamp Descriptors

There are a number of requirements for chapters. The video will require to be a minimum of thirty seconds in overall length, each chapter needs to be at least 10 seconds, and you should have at least 3 timestamps noted in rising order.

This is whatever you’ll require to learn about timestamps on You Tube. Start integrating them into your own videos and channel today. Create a much better experience for your audiences, keep them engaged, and assist them browse your videos with ease.

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Cover image by means of Kaspars Grinvalds.


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