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The holidays are in full swing!  The cool, crisp weather is in the air, leaves are changing colors, and December holidays are coming in fast.  Many know the end of year months are some of the busiest shopping months of the year.  You’re buying gifts for holiday parties, Christmas, gift exchanges at work, etc.  

Struggling to come up with a way to make extra money for this time?  Read on to learn about these awesome money making opportunities to put some extra holiday cash in your wallet fast!

#1.) Get a seasonal job

How to Make Extra Money This Holiday Season

This is the most straightforward way to earn extra cash for holidays. Companies are hiring for the season! Every food or retail establishment I’ve visited recently as a “Now Hiring” sign posted.  Working a second job on a part time or full time basis is a nice way to pad your wallets this season.

For opportunities, check out job search engines like:

Use keywords like “seasonal” or “holiday” to target these specific positions that will likely hire you fast and get you working and making extra money in no time.

Want an online-only or work from home job? Then target remote job banks like:, Flex Jobs, or Virtual Vocations.

What seasonal jobs have I had?

Ok, so I’ve only had one seasonal job but it was pretty awesome. I worked the handbags section of a Nordstrom store while in college.  It was an hourly + commission job so while I was working part time, the pay was more like full time (nice!) which is always pretty cool.  It felt like holidays every time I worked at the decorated store. Holiday scents, happy customers, etc.  It was a really cool experience.

Don’t miss out on this one. Get searching!

#2.) Complete and refer surveys

How to Make Extra Money This Holiday Season

I know I’ve mentioned Survey’s in other posts. But really, surveys get a bad rap sometimes.  I don’t know why. I’ve been doing surveys for years.  Here’s a reminder of the truth about them:

  • They WON’T make you rich
  • They can be time consuming
  • They can be boring

What’s great about them?

  • They ARE an easy way to make extra money
  • It can be rewarding to provide your feedback and opinion to companies
  • They are easy to get started
  • There are no fees or signup costs to begin

My favorites: Vindale Research, Survey Savvy, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks

What’s cool is that a lot of survey companies pay you not only to complete surveys, but also to REFER new customers. That means if someone signs up with the survey company with your unique link, you get a reward.  Sometimes it can be as much as $5 per person!

At one point, I was earning $50-$150/month from referrals alone! I wasn’t even completing surveys.

Now, survey companies pay you in a variety of ways: gift cards, rewards, cash.

If your goal is to truly get holiday cash, make sure you understand the compensation policy.  If your goal is to earn gift cards to use for yourself or gift to others and your survey company pays you in rewards toward physical or digital products, then that might not be a fit. Does that make sense?

It’s very easy to determine how you’ll get paid. It’s usually explained in the free registration process.

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Best practices for survey sites:

  • Don’t EVER pay to join a survey site
  • Pick a site that offers a referral program, if available
  • Get organized and even consider creating a separate email address for survey offers

#3.) Do some Winter cleaning

Like Spring cleaning, Winter cleaning is a great way to not only clean up house, but also make some extra cash. Here are some items I’ll be selling online, in garage sales, or turn in to consignment stores:

  • Outgrown kids clothes
  • Used (or new) clothes of mine (and hubby)
  • Brand new gifted items that I have never used (icecream maker, espresso maker, etc.)
  • An extra TV we don’t use
  • An extra laptop (older) that we don’t use
  • 2 cell phones
  • A speaker system (upgrading to wireless)
  • Some brand new clothes from my former ecommerce store

You can really rack up some quick cash here.  Sell in Craigslist, eBay or even those local “get rid of me” apps like LetGo. I really love those apps by the way. Warning: They are addictive.

#4.) Start a side hustle

How to Make Extra Money This Holiday Season

Sometimes side hustles can take some time to get going so keep in mind, you may not get the payoff you’re looking for in the holiday season which is only a few more weeks long.

Some ideas:

  • Babysitting
  • Dogsitting
  • Dog walking
  • Washing cars
  • Mowing lawns and related landscaping
  • Hanging up holiday lights
  • Creating logos or other graphic design (Fiverr is a great place to market your designs!)
  • Managing social media accounts for companies
  • Virtual assisting (Check out this awesome course on how to become a virtual assistant in 30 days or less!)
  • Dropshipping
  • Website flipping
  • Flipping products

This is a fun, rewarding way to make some real money.  This will be like starting a mini business and can continue throughout the entire year if you really enjoy it.  You can even take it online, creating your own website with easy and creating another revenue stream (see how I made $19K/month with my ecommerce stores).

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Wrap Up

There you have it! These are some of my best ideas for making extra money this holiday season.  Now, there are many more ways to make extra money…

  • Blogging (Step by step guide to start your own blog HERE!)
  • Affiliate marketing (Click HERE to learn how Michelle earns over $50,000/m in affiliate income!)
  • Starting an online store
  • Selling in marketplaces

Plus, much, much more.  But, the make money opportunities shown above were shared because of their ease in starting and their quick pay off. The goal is to make money quickly so you have extra cash for the holidays which are only a few short weeks longer.  Have fun exploring these.

Do you have some holiday money-making ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts down below in comments so we can all learn together!


How to Make Extra Money This Holiday Season


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