How to kill response: The Bermuda Triangle of phone numbers

Yes, every one. Your web address, ideally, should have some meaning, some relevance, some opportunity to advance your story. Your 800 number is just cold, dead data.

Are there exceptions? Of course. If you’ve been singing your phone number to us, the melody will make it stickier. If you’ve sung that jingle for decades, persist. Don’t throw away brand equity. You’ve invested in a chunk of unaided-recall mental real estate, a desirable neighborhood for your brand to live in.

To be sure, phone numbers can be acceptable and effective in print, especially for impulse purchases. Many considered purchases, however, where prospects need information, persuasion, and handholding? Better to guide them to your web address, which I repeat, is far more engaging and memorable than raw numbers. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? If not, you have work to do.  Let’s get started.


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