There are many doggy CBD oil sellers out there. You can find them on the high street or in many online outlets. You must research your CBD oil brands and sellers before buying from them. You don’t want to pay for a doggy product that won’t work, that doesn’t have promised CBD oil strength  & possibly could put you out of pocket.


  • Check whether a particular CBD brand is registered with a regulatory body like the Cannabis Trade Association @CTAUKandEU or Canna Trust in the UK/ Europe. In our shop, we are only selling products by brands registered with CTA or another legal regulatory body. This assures our products and suppliers aren’t doggy.
  • Find out if the supplier can provide you with lab results that are no older than 3 months. At we can provide a certificate on request for each product. It is not a legal requirement to display certificates on the website, but sellers registered with CTA must have those certificates. We do have them all!
  • If brands make any medical claims on their products, websites and blogs  – THIS IS MOST LIKELY DODGY BRAND that wants to sell you something for a quick quid, not to look after your health OR they are not educated about national laws and cannabis regulations, in which case it’s not safe to purchase the products. ! It is illegal to make medical claims on CBD unless the product is registered with MHRA (UK) of FDA (US) as medicine!!! And in current climate CBD isn’t registered as such, so you make sure you buy only CBD products from registered sellers.
  • at CBD Oil Supplies UK we are registered with Cannabis Trade Association.  We have promised you that we will sell only CBD brands that you trust the most, so not to let you down, we constantly check the market, forums for your opinions, we talk to our customers who only confirm we do a good job!
Recap: to be safe and sure about your CBD products, make sure your seller/ supplier is registered with a regulatory body appropriate for the region; whether they can provide lab results not older than 3 months; brands should not make medical claims on their products/ websites. It’s is illegal (even though we know CBD has such properties).


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