How to Easily Capture High-Detail Snowflake Photos at Home

Photographing snowflakes does not need to be pricey. In this brief 4.5 minute video from professional photographer Jens Heidler on his You Tube Channel Another Perspective, he teaches you how you can duplicate these epic pictures with even entry-level devices.

Heidler has actually just recently shown how to picture frozen soap bubbles along with a stunning movie revealing melting snowflakes reforming. The latter movie was used the strategies he exposes in the video above.

While you can utilize incredibly pricey high-end devices to shoot incredibly high-resolution pictures of snowflakes, many people do not have access to the capability to do that. But even if you do not own a microscopic lense and a medium format cam does not imply you can’t make excellent pictures.

Heidler discusses that since snowflakes are so little, in between 1mm and 10mm throughout, in order to precisely record that whole variety, you require a 5:1 macro lens. While you might purchase among these, you can likewise integrate a 1:1 macro lens with something like the Raynox DCR-250 which can offer you enough zoom to record bigger snowflakes without breaking the bank.

Using a 1:1 zoom macro lens with the Raynox adapter will work for the bigger snowflakes, however if you wish to record the tiniest ones (down to 1mm in size) you’ll require more zoom. To do this, you’ll require a minimum of a 2:1 macro lens integrated with the Raynox DCR-250 in order to get enough zoom.

You can likewise utilize extension tubes or perhaps teleconverters for this, which is a procedure you can check out more here.

Once your optics are looked after, you can truly utilize any cam you like. Heidler is utilizing the Sony a6000 series, for instance, however any entry-level cam body that works with the optics you select will work excellent.

As for real photo-taking strategies, Heidler advises utilizing a dark background so that the snowflakes stick out. What he does is location a black tee shirt in the snow and wait on flakes to fall onto it and after that photographs them as he sees ones that capture his eye.

“What also works great is a glass table or a black plexiglass table,” Heidler states.

Heidler states that it can be challenging to discover a snowflake utilizing such high zoom optics as soon as you see one with your naked eye, so another excellent pointer that might sound easy is to have something you can utilize to offer yourself a beginning point. Heidler advises utilizing something like scissors, and positioning it listed below the snowflake you wish to discover prior to you attempt and look for it through the lens.

Heidler points out a number of other strategies such as stabilization on hand-held shots and the very best method to light snowflakes, in his video above. If you’re interested in taking your snowflake photography to the next level, you can discover how to include dynamic colors to your snowflake pictures here.

For more from Heidler, register for his You Tube Channel, Another Perspective.

Image Credits: Photos by Jens Heidler and utilized with authorization.



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