How to Develop an On-Demand Taxi App Like Uber

Do you want to develop an application? How to hire an application developer team? In today’s developing world people are getting busier in their working life every day. To solve this problem, we have seen that startups like the Uber application have grown in large numbers. If you are thinking of such a business to develop, it will not be a bad idea. Developing an on-demand taxi app like Uber- can help you in your startup with an idea seeing its application. Because public transports are time-consuming for all of us and everyone wants to save time by avoiding public transportation services. 

Here you have to bear in mind that developing such an application is not an easy job. The market has high competition out there. The one you want for your startup has to be out of the box compared to others. Mobile app development services can make this happen; to provide you with the best services for mobile app development.

You can hire a dedicated mobile app developer to help you out in developing an app for your startup.

To give you a clear and best idea for taxi mobile application development here is Uber’s Example. Read here to know about developing mobile applications for your startup.

What is Uber?

Uber is a popular taxi booking application, where it is serving over 785 metropolitan cities and 63 countries. The company was started about 10 years ago by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick. From the time many startups followed Uber in the sharing economy.

As of now, Uber has several services Uber Eat and other services are as follows: UberX, Select, Black, UberPool, Lux, XL, and others. These are the top services by Uber.

Applications like Uber have a complex architecture that lets the application work. Where it has three applications to run the whole system, applications for a passenger, driver, and admin.

Here is the architecture of Uber 

These three interconnected applications are as explained.

Driver App: This application is for the drivers of Uber for the operating systems Android and iOS users. The drivers can use this application as per their time such as on duty and duty options and other options.

Passenger: This application is for passengers to book a ride using its location. The application connects the passenger to the nearby driver using its location. So, having such a service will let the users love its services.

Admin App: This is the most important application which processes the data of passengers and drivers as well. It requires an API for both apps as well as adapters for payments, databases, etc.

Above all points are there to help you get an idea for developing an application. You can also find on-demand solution providers on our website to help you out with this.

Here are some key features of the Passenger App

The passenger app has more features than the driver app. As we have discussed that these types of applications are complex applications. Which requires a team’s efforts to build an application like Uber.

All these given features are must-haves in On-Demand Taxi App Development. Some of the features are as follows. Which can help you develop an application for your startup.

  • Drive tracking 
  • Ride scheduling
  • Booking a ride for others 
  • fare splitting
  • Geolocations & map integration
  • Registration & login
  • Payments
  • Booking
  • Messaging
  • Price calculations
  • Safety
  • Favorite destinations
  • Ratings
  • Push notifications

Now you have an idea to create an on-demand taxi application development. These fourteen features must have a ride-booking application. With all these, you have to keep in mind that the UI (User Interface) matters most. Because this will help a passenger use the application easily.

How much time does it take to Make an App like Uber?

As we have discussed that making such applications is not an easy job. The time of creating an online taxi booking app depends upon the resources and technology you want. On-demand taxi application features like Uber make the app more complex.

If you want a well-processed application for your business it will take around 8 weeks. An experienced taxi mobile app developer in your vicinity can help you. Within this time, such companies can help you add engaging features, user interface, and flawless navigation.

UI for a Mobile App

The applications like Uber and others applications succeeded only because these applications are user-friendly and pleasant to a user’s eyes, so keep this in mind always.

You must stick to the user interface (UI) and all the above features. If you are looking for such an application for your business. If a user can’t use your application easily this may result in a bad user experience.

Cost of Developing an App like Uber

Such an application may cost you around $30-35 thousand with minimum time with fundamental features. But it also depends on your requirement and what technology and other features you are going to add to the application. Therefore the cost of that app will increase.

Final Cost

Here is the final cost of developing an app that will cost you $55000 or $120,000 for both operating systems Android and iOS platforms. This may stand out from your on-demand taxi booking application in the industry. The above cost will develop an on-demand application for your business in 2023.

What do you need to look for, while developing an app like Uber?

Getting an idea from the above bullet points clearly shows that you must have all the fundamental features to develop an app like Uber. If your new application has to come to the market that has to be unique and can be well-understood by a user.

Every single feature in the application of Uber is pleasant to a user’s eyes and easy to use as well. Here you have to also notice that online booking taxi apps have three applications with them. For a passenger, admin user, and driver and all three have separate functionality not one for all.

All these benefits make this application the top online taxi booking application in the US. Taxi mobile app development in your city and all other places can help you out developing one for your business.


You can develop an application like Uber by hiring a mobile application developer. But here you have to keep in mind that developing such an application is not an easy job, it is complicated. To give you a rough idea of the fundamentals of developing an application. Uber says that you must have a user-friendly UI and all those features that make the application super easier to use for all types of users.

If you are looking for an application like Uber, we can help you develop such an application for your business. Connect with Verve Logic to develop a mobile application for your business.

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