How to convince parents for love marriage ?

How easy it is to fall in love with someone but why is it so difficult to convince parents for love marriage? When you love someone, you love them with heart without any barrier of age, gender, caste, race, religion. So why is there a need to look into these matters when you want to marry the love of your life? 

Questions like these revolve in mind of all youngsters who are in love but belong to a family where such things matter more than the happiness of their child. 

Why is it so difficult to convince parents for love marriage? 

Whether it’s an developing country or a developed country, parents never develop. They remain the same for ages. We all say we believe in love marriage but when it comes to our kids, I assure you, you would also want them to have arranged marriage. 

But why? What could be the possible reasons? 

1.They still consider you as kid

Whether you’re in your fifties or Twenties, you would always remain a kid to your parents. For them you don’t grow mentally, they think you are not that capable of taking your decision as you were in childhood. 

2.You don’t know what’s best for you

As your guardian, they always pamper you and bring the best for you. For them you are still that little kid for whom the best could only be provided by them. 

3.You don’t care about your religion and caste

For you, love is between two pure souls. For you religion and caste are just mere words. But for your parents, caste and religion is their pride and they don’t want you to marry outside this barrier. 

4.They think our love is temporary and this marriage won’t last 

Like your old toys, they think your love for your partner will also end after marriage. For them love is temporary among teenagers and think we mistook lust as love. 

5.Its against their society

For years this has been a big issue. We all hear it millions of times throughout our lives. They think about society and relatives but not about their child. For them their pride is above all. 

6.They found someone better for you

To provide good to you, is what they think is their responsibility. They think only they can find someone good for you. You are not that capable of finding a right partner in your own life. 

7.It is their dream to get your married at the best place

Parents have a dream to have a good and grand marriage for their child. Every parent dreams of the best partner for their child. And it’s completely ok. But what is not ok is, in this they forget their kid can have different opinions on this. For them, only they know what is good for us and this is the big issue of tiff between folks and their kids. 

8.You don’t think of long term :

Parents have this thing to say ‘you are not mature to make decisions’. You don’t think long term in this. 

How to convince parents for love marriage?

1.Be Sure 

You should be sure enough in regard to getting married. There is no perfect age for marriage. You just need to be sure, when you want to be married and it’s completely okay if you want some more time to think. 

2. Both should be sure

Next and the most important, you both should be 100% sure about getting married. Marriage is  a big step in any relationship and you ought to be sure about one another. You both should be ready to take this responsibility and ready to accept everything that comes in way. There is no backing out in this. It’s not a game you can quit, it’s about two lives. 

3. Tell your parents you want them to meet someone close to your heart. 

telling your parent about love marriage
Telling your parents about your love is a bit complicated. They can easily misread your love as  your earlier flings. You need to be more expressive about your feelings for your partner. Say and convince them to meet them for lunch. 
Two possibilities :
First, they would be cool with this and agree for the meeting. You need not to do anything else and prepare for the next step. 
Second, they disagree. Then, ask them for just one meeting. You need to convince them, do whatever it takes as it’s your one and last chance. 

4. The day of meeting :

meeting up to convince parents
Meeting day
You should be well prepared before meeting. Have a good list of likes and dislikes about your partner’s parents. Learn more about their religion and culture, you need to impress them in every way as it is the first and could be your last chance. 
Don’t try to be someone else, but show how keen you are to learn about their culture and how much you respect them. 

5. Help them with their work :

If you did your best in the meeting, there are like GOOD chance you are somewhere near to their good books. 

You have to try each and every day. Help them with their work. Everyone has that one loop which is too entangled, help them to untangle that and slowly slowly start to make some space in their lives.

6. Come in good books of relatives :

Family is everything. In order to be accepted by their parents, you have to get approval from their relatives also. It’s better to first impress their relatives to have them by your side in matters of the final decision.

7. Good partner for their child

In the end, for parents the only thing matters to them is the happiness of their child. When they see you as a good partner for their child, there would be nothing else they would desire.

8. Let them take their time

It’s a difficult decision to take. Parents have to take decision considering all parameters so don’t be patient, let them know you accept you and take their decision.

Conclusion ::

Parents always want the best for you. It would be tiring to make them understand, but once it is done you would all be happy. They are not anti of love marriage, they only need a good and reliable point for getting agreed to it.

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