How to buy the perfect jewellery gift

If you’re planning to buy the perfect jewellery gift for someone this Christmas, there are a few things to consider before making any decisions.

First – what kind of jewellery do you think she will appreciate most?  Do a little research – watch her and note what pieces she wears for daytime and evening events. Does she wear earrings? Drop, stud or hoop? Does she like to wear different necklaces? Does she like silver-toned jewellery or gold? If the latter, is it rose gold or yellow gold? You won’t need to pull the full Poirot, just pay attention.

Next, choose what type of jewellery you want to gift her.


Necklace gifts

Here there are a few things you need to consider.  Do you want to gift something bold and statement, for evening wear, or something simpler and sleeker, for day to night wear? A pretty pearl pendant, a precious gem, or something eye-catching in silver? Your budget will of course direct your final decision, but a good jeweller will be able to ask lots of questions to help you narrow down your options.


Earring gifts

aquamarine earringsIf you have never seen your friend or partner in drops or hoops, there will be a good reason for this! Some ladies dislike the extra weight and some worry about them getting caught in their hair, for example.  Keep an eye out for what they choose to wear day and night. Check out photos of past glamorous events for the earrings of choice.  If you are struggling to decide, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of sparkling studs – and with options ranging from cubic zirconia to diamonds, you’re sure to find a pair to suit your budget.  Do you know when her birthday is? A birthstone always makes a welcome gift, as it shows you’re really thinking about her.

Bangles & bracelets

Check out her jewellery collection – does she own any bangles or bracelets and have you ever seen her wear one?  A simple bracelet, maybe with a birthstone, makes a gift that can be worn every day.  Or if you want something a little special, consider a bangle for more impact.

sapphire diamond ringRings

Question one: are you already engaged or married? Because if you’re not, and you aren’t planning on this gift indicating a proposal – they steer clear of a ring as a gift!  Rings can be tricky, as you will need a ring size and unless you can temporarily borrow a ring that you know she wears regularly, and take it to a jeweller to be measured, it will be extremely hard to get it right.  Something that has proven popular with our customers seeking to surprise with a special ring, is to purchase a gemstone and present that in the ring box.  Just imagine the joy when the lid is lifted to reveal a sparkling diamond, or a glowing ruby, or a stunning tourmaline!  Then you can reveal the next joy – bringing it to us and designing the perfect setting.  Just make sure we know your budget in advance and we can gently steer her in the right direction!

As ever, by choosing to purchase special jewellery gifts from a proper jeweller, not only can you rest assured that you will receive the best advice, but you have a place to go should any adjustments need to be made.


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