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happy thanksgiving 2018 final

Happy Thanksgiving, or as I jokingly like to state, “Happy Pie and Stretchy Pants Day.” I’m grateful for pecan pie and the spandex in my black leggings!

All silliness aside, I’m additional grateful for you today. Thank you for your friendship and for constantly making my day much better. It really is a present to sign in with a good friend, even when they’re a long methods away throughout the keyboard.

Thank you for sharing all your stories about your animals, your kids and grandkids, and your life. Thank you for being the individual I can talk with constantly about face cream, blush (ALL THE BLUSH), lipstick and fragrance. Thank you for being you! I believe you’re definitely fantastic.

You’ll constantly have a good friend on this end. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️

Your friendly community charm addict,


P.S. How are you investing the vacation? We’ll be heading to our next-door neighbor’s home to commemorate tonight, and after that my household will be coming by tomorrow so we can have a belated T-day supper at our home.

P.P.S. And since I can’t withstand discussing charm… Have you went shopping any Black Friday sales yet? I’m about to strike take a look at on the Biossance 30% off sale since I’m almost finished with my container of Squalane + Omega Repair Cream, and I enjoy it enough to purchase another container.