Get Professional Help for Internet Marketing in Penguin & Panda age

Search marketing has evolved over the past few years; it proved to be good for some, especially users but also became a killer for small business which was able to drive huge traffic and eventually sales to their website using SEO techniques. Having worked in the industry for couple of years now, I have seen some small business completely driven out of the business due to the changes in Google’s algorithm.When I was working for an agency, most of our clients that I came across were completely dependent upon Google for their business. And suddenly Google decides to make changes to the way it shows the search results and they were completely driven out. Although, here I would like to say that their business model was not a good one, as depending on one channel for your entire business is not a good idea, but we also have to accept that the agency and others working on similar model knew that they were not adding value through the work but they were just trying to manipulate the rankings, which is very clear from the techniques like duplicate article submissions. These techniques were never meant for humans, never ever the articles were written with the intent for someone’s reading. Often a article will be spinned making it absolute crap for a human to even understand and then they were submitted to hundreds of article directories with the intent of getting hundreds of do-follow backlinks.Google was right in updating the algorithm to clear up the spam from the search results but it was business owners who had to bear the consequence of someone else’s wrong doing (SEOs). I personally feel that bad links should be ignored instead of punishing the website.

Why you need Professional help?
With time change, getting help from a professional is even more important now. If you are still working with some newbie then you know which way you are heading towards. If you are thinking of hiring someone it is a good idea to hire someone who has a better knowledge of internet marketing and not just SEO as after cleaning up the links you also need to continue with building good quality links and try other channels to acquire traffic as well like social and other referral sites in your niche/ industry.


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