Gemstones Name That Starts With Alphabet A-

Gemstones, especially the Navratnas, play a central role in the spiritual and the overall well-being of a person. They are control by various spheres of the solar system who confer their positive impacts on the wearer through the gemstone.

Apart from the Navratnas, there are many other gemstones that are worth mentioning.

Here’s A List Of Gemstones That Start With The Alphabet ‘A’:

Achroite Gemstones

Achroite Gemstone's

It has a complex composition of borosilicate and has a Trigonal crystal system. Its hardness measures 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale and boast of a refractive index of 1.62 to 1.64. It is a colorless variety of tourmaline, which might be an elbaite too.

Agate Gemstones

There are countless agates available, named after the locations they are available at. Since the 12th century, Agate has power to improve one’s disposition and eyesight.

Agate Gemstone's

In a book called The Book of Saxon Leechdoms written in the year 1864, it was mentioned that the gemstone protects one from thunder, sorcery, demonic possession, drunkenness, and poison.

There are three types of Agate- Moss agate, Cathedral Agate, Crazy Lace Agate. They owe their names to the inclusions that cater to their unique appearance.

Akoya pearl Gemstones

Akoya pearl Gemstone's

 They are the specialty of Japanese and Chinese pearl farms known as cultured pearl. They look similar to freshwater pearl, but they are much grander, smoother, rounder and more lustrous.

Alexandrite Stones

It is a great assortment of the mineral chrysoberyl. Because of the trace presence of Chromophores vanadium and chromium, Alexandrite appears different in a different light. For instance, in daylight, it appears to be green and in artificial light, it appears to be raspberry red.

Alexandrite Stones

It was originally endow in the Ural Mountains in 1830 on the birthday of the Czar Alexander of Russia, after whom the gemstone was named. It is interesting to note that the national colors of Russia are red and green.

Presently, the gemstone information like it is found in different countries across the globe including India, Russia, Brazil, and Africa. Its bring great luck and prosperity.

Amber Gemstones

It is  one of the few organic gemstones that are prehistoric by nature too. Amber is basically the fossil gamboge from a pine tree that thrived in the Baltic region some twenty to sixty million years ago.

Amber Gemstone's

Sweet-smelling sap, when decanted down from primeval trees, often trapping creatures, branches, yaps, and trees form unique gemstones after millions of years. The gemstone is abundant along the shores of the Baltic sea where its gets from Tertiary glauconite sands that are 40-60 million years old.

Amethyst Gemstone

The purple variety of the mineral Quartz, Amethyst stone occurs in all intensities from light pastel colors to royal depths.

Earlier it is rare gemstones but after vast deposits were available  in Brazil, they became more accessible to the public.

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst enhances the thought process and ensures the clarity of thought process. Its also helps in inspire vision, creativity, courage, and valor.

Buy gemstones online, but with caution. Ensure that the store is trustworthy and that they can send a certificate of authenticity. Also, ensure that the gemstones that you invest in have been lab-tested.

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