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There are tons of gemstones used in jewelry. Depending really on one’s style and own fashion flair, any gemstone will look beautiful especially when its meaning plays a part in the choosing. Enlisted below are several known gemstones and the corresponding properties that are attributed to each.


The diamond is the gemstone that is best known for its striking beauty and radiance. Every woman knows that this stone has been cherished since time immemorial because of its price and its status symbol. Being the hardest mineral known to man, it is also the stone that is known to be the symbol for love everlasting. Engagement rings are made of diamonds and being given a ring with a good-sized diamond will always be a tradition for every engagement.


Amber is a stone known for its healing effects. Being a yellow stone known for its many therapeutic properties, amber is considered very valuable because it can enhance memory, reduce eccentric tendencies, help in decision-making, and improve spiritual thinking.


This purple stone is also known for its various healing properties. Aside from being one of the most beautiful gems known to man, it is also attributed to tranquility, emotional balance, intuition enhancement, selflessness, and wisdom.


Aside from the fact that it is a birthstone for people born under March, it is also a stone known for to influence fortitude and courage. It is also a stone known to bring good luck to wayfarers and travelers.


Another stone known for its healing capacity is the aventurine. It is a stone that influences better thinking. It helps enhance creativity and the capacity for imagination. A green stone known to be a good jewelry piece, it is also known to influence positivity and intrinsic strength.


Another green stone used in various jewelries, the emerald is known because of its therapeutic influence on the wearer. It can help reduce the toxic effects of radiation, eradicate mental incapacity, maintain balance, and give better insight into the wearer’s dreams.


The hematite is a black stone that is known for its healing capacity. It helps purify and cleanse the blood as well as help in the improvement of self-confidence. However, it is also a stone that cannot be used for a long time since it can also be harmful to the physical body.


One of the oldest stones known for its healing capacity, the jade is a stone thought of to be very valuable. This stone can be of different colors. Good for meditation, it is said to have a calming effect and helps in the balance of the emotions. It can also be an amulet for travelers and is said to be helpful when trying to discover possible solutions to problems.


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