Free Printable Sweet Teacher Gift Tags

These free printable sweet teacher gift tags are the perfect addition to a sweet gift for a teacher at the beginning of the year, during teacher appreciation week, or at the end of the year! Just add the tag to anything sweet for the perfect teacher gift!

sweet teacher gift tag with a bowl of apples

I’ve talked about how much I appreciate teachers before, but I’ll say it again – teachers are amazing. They do so much for our kids and have a job that I personally could never handle.

I’ll be a room mom any day but being a teacher, especially right now, is a tough job. So I always like to send in some sort of back to school teacher gift or even just a gift card with one of these teacher appreciation gift tags with my kiddos at the beginning of the year.

This year I thought it’d be fun to do something a little sweeter.

I made these delicious Oreo apple balls, added these sweet teacher gift tags, and put them in cute baskets for each of the teachers. It’s my way of saying thanks for teaching my kids, I appreciate you. There was also a little gift card attached (because who doesn’t love a gift card), but the main gift was the cute apple truffles.

My kids even helped make them, which made it even more special!

Anyway, I digress.

These printable sweet teacher gift tags are perfect to add to pretty much anything sweet or even just teacher related! The idea is just to gift them to teachers to say thanks and good luck with the new school year!

All you need to do to use them is cut them out and then if you want, use a single hole punch to punch a hole in the top. Then tie a string or a ribbon through the hole to attach to your gift.

cut out apple teacher gift tag

I like to print them out on white card stock to make them a bit sturdier but if you don’t have card stock, regular white paper will work as well.

There are two different sizes of tags so print out the ones that make the most sense for the gift that you’re giving. If you’re giving a big bag of the apple Oreos, the big tags might be work, but if you’re giving a gift card or something – go with the small ones!

bowl of apple Oreo balls with a teacher gift tag

What to Give With These Tags

These gift tags can really be given with anything sweet, anything school related, or anything that the teacher might love. A lot of schools do those teacher favorite sheets – something sweet from there would be perfect!

If you want to make something homemade and don’t want to make the Oreo ball apples, these are always popular sweet treats that actually make good gifts! Anything you’d put with these apple gift tags would work too since, apples.

Download the Printable Teacher Tags

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  • Nine to a page tags (smaller version)
sweet teacher gift tag

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