Francine Shapiro and EMDR | Dawn Wiggins Therapy

The percentage of patients that have been healed successfully with EMDR treatment is staggering.

Kaiser Permanente found in their studies that 100% of single-trauma patients recovered after six sessions. Similarly, 77% of multi-trauma patients healed within the same amount of sessions.

The EMDR institute’s studies show 84-90% of single-trauma and people living with PTSD recovered within three sessionsCombat veterans were found to recover from PTSD within 12 sessions, 77% of the time.

I see these remarkable rates of healing with my clients every day. And I firmly believe EMDR is the best course of treatment regardless of the struggle they bring to my office. I even use it while working with couples in marriage counseling.

If you experiencing trauma, PTSD, or any other disorders or symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact me for a discovery call or to book an EMDR counseling session.

There is hope, and you can recover.

Together, and with the help of effective treatments like EMDR, you can move forward from your painful past.

Dawn Wiggins, Ed.S., Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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