Four Reasons To Have Your Wedding Ring Custom Made — Kate McCoy Jewellery

Whether it’s a simple classic straight band or something fitted, buying a ring off the shelf is rarely the right choice when it comes to rings that are paired together and worn for a lifetime.

Below are four of the reasons why a custom made wedding ring is the best choice.


When two rings are worn side by side, it’s important that they don’t damage each other in the way they rub together. 

Some setting styles of engagement rings can have the center stone set low where a straight wedding ring won’t sit flush against it.

As we use our hands throughout the day, the straight band will clink and rub slowly cutting away at the engagement ring setting and compromising the safety of the center stone. Last thing you want is to have the added expense of having to repair and remake your engagement ring 5 years down the track.

Or worse still; look down one day and see your center stone has fallen out! 

Here is an example of wedding ring damage to an engagement ring. Over time this is what can happen:

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