February Jewelry Trends… – RiverRock Handcrafted Jewelry


After a very cold and unusual fall and winter, it’s time to find some joy.  You can find a little cheer in something as simple as a brightly colored piece of jewelry.  You don’t have to break the bank to bring a smile to someone’s face.  Look for simple, beaded stretchy bracelets that can usually be found at a very reasonable price.  Or how about a unique pair of drop earrings in a bright and happy color!  Not only can some simple pieces be an instant lift to a dreary season, but they can also be the foundation for new and upcoming fashion trends.


Let’s think ahead to sunnier days and the promise of new blooms and life.  Don’t be afraid to use bright floral tones and larger pieces.  Brighter colors will bring instant light and interest to any outfit.  Let’s not forget that pastels are also included in the Spring palette, just as in nature, so don’t hesitate to blend them in.  So just think of a beautiful bouquet of flowers or imagine an eye catching garden in full bloom.  What colors speak to you?  Different tones of greens, yellows, blues, purples or pinks?  Look for these in casual jewelry pieces and enjoy!

Currently, many of us are working from home and using our computers for meetings and collaborating, so we’re not always too concerned with dressing up for work.  However, a splash of fun color can brighten up your day and maybe even that of your co-workers.  Give it a try and see!  

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