Fall Fashion Update… – RiverRock Handcrafted Jewelry

So Fall is finally here! With it comes a burst of color.  You’ll be seeing stunning jewel tones everywhere.  Colors like orange, red, yellow and blue.  This is exciting for anyone that loves color.  And if you feel more comfortable in a neutral palette, use your jewelry for a pop of color.

Speaking of jewelry, what’s in store for this Fall and Winter?  Think BIG.  Big tubular, rounded or sculptural collars, rings, earrings and pendants.  You’ll also be seeing bold chokers this season.  Big, statement pieces are the trend.

Look for gigantic stones in gemstone cuts and colors and long gemstone earrings.  Also making a comeback is a beloved motif that never gets old – the star!  You’ll be seeing it everywhere.  Something else that you’ll be seeing a lot of is the pearl.  The bigger, the better!  Look for baroque pearls hanging from thick, chunky chain. Mix it up with huge colorful gemstones for a rich look.

Also in style to go with those chunky sweaters will be chains.  You can layer and stack but they might get heavy.  This season’s look is big, heavy duty chain.  Look for chunky links in all styles, especially extra large curb links.  One of my favorite links that you’ll be seeing a lot of is the paper clip link.  It comes in all sizes of thicknesses but doesn’t look as heavy because of the length of the link.  And don’t forget to add charms to all those chains!  Charm bracelets will be seeing a return this season.  And don’t forget to hang charms from your earrings too.

As for earrings, not only will they be charm-ing but they will also be mismatched.  This is a fun trend that hasn’t seen a lot of popularity in the past but was all over this year’s runways.
If you’re not ready to go bold with this trend, try a pair of mismatched studs.  Super cute!  Not afraid of going bold?  Maybe ear cuffs are for you.  Long, complex ear cuffs with climbing and hanging parts are statement pieces that can set you apart.

Did you save your super long necklaces from 2010?  Hope so cuz they’re back. Super long with tassels or pendants and layered or single strand. While gold tones dominate, you can also mix all your different metals this season.  

If you’re not the blingy type, you can’t go wrong with wood and leather pieces.  They can be found across the board in earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  They’re also available in light or dark tones and you can even get that pop of color in dyed wood and leather items.  

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now so have fun hunting for some new pieces to change up your Fall and Winter look and don’t forget to come back and see what’s new!

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