Episode 374: How to Be Time Smart with Ashley Whillans – Productivityist

Ashley Whillans invests a great deal of her time studying joy, so she signs up with the program to share how you can best invest your time to increase your life fulfillment.

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Once once again, I’m signed up with by a fellow Canadian! Today’s visitor is Ashley Whillans, a Behavioral Scientist and Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School in Negotiations, Organizations, andMarkets She’s the author of ‘Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life’, which I can’t wait to unload in this interview.

In this discussion, Ashley offers a really holistic view on how to value our time. Find out more about the Day Reconstruction Method, qualitative time tracking, rough scheduling, and why many people prevent being (or sensation) idle.

Talking Points

  • What is ‘being time smart’? (02:57)
  • Our relationship with time tracking (04:00)
  • The concept of rough scheduling (05:51)
  • How to decrease more (10:18)
  • How Happiness Dollars can assist you end up being more time wise (17:24)
  • The easy primary step to ending up being time wise (27:46)

“You can make changes on an everyday basis to help you take control of your time.”

Ashley Whillans

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