Different types of girlfriends | Which one do you have ?

Every guy dreams of having a girlfriend but do you know all girls are not the same. So here we have listed different types of girlfriends. Have a look into this guys, this would surely gonna help. And for the girls who are reading this, pick up the one who you are in reality or have a look on different types of boyfriends.

Different types of girlfriends :

1. The possessive one :

possessive girlfriend

Possessive girlfriends are the ones who think anyone other than them would try to steal his man. 

How to know she is the possessive one :

•She wants you in every state, physically, mental and socially. 
•For her, she is sufficient for you. She wants to be your girlfriend/ best friend/ family. 
•She doesn’t want you to go out, not because she feels cosy at home but doesn’t want you to check out other girls there. 
•Everywhere you go, she just tags along herself. 
•She always has an eye on you as well as your ex’s. 
•Your social life is no more fun, she is always intriguing in your social life. 
In the end, she can beat any agent in terms of stalking. 

Things she would probably asks you to do :

•Why do you need friends when I’m here? She would in some way ask you to give your 100% to her. She can’t share you with your beloved friends. 
•Would ask you to remove a girl from your friend list in case you liked her picture or looked at her post for more than a second. 
•She would definitely ask you to stop talking to someone she doesn’t like. 
•She has access to all your Instagram, facebook Or twitter accounts. 
•When it’s an all guys party, she wants to come along with you. 

2. The Emotional one :

Every girl is somewhat more emotional than boys but some girls are super sensitive and emotional. They are like having a tank full of tears on the verge of their eyelids. Jokes apart, those girls are really sensitive and get emotional even on the smallest thing in the world. 

Things you thought to be normal are not for her. 

Let’s look into some examples of emotional girlfriend :

•She cries on the things you never thought would worry someone. 
•After every movie she cries, sometimes being happy and sometimes sad. 
•She feels bad for everyone and not for herself. She can’t stand someone hurting others. 
•You are afraid to argue, as you don’t want to see tears in her eyes. 
•You can’t shout at her whether it’s your mistake or hers. 
•She might get hurt and start to cry sometimes without even any reason. 
•Don’t ever get drunk with her, you would only end up listening to her stories while crying and sniffing her running nose. 
You let her win an argument so that she don’t feel bad..
•She thinks people care but her sweetest heart doesn’t know the reality of this world. 
Sometimes she is an emotional fool but she looks cutest when she cries. 

3. Happy one :

Happy people are the best people in the world. They spread so much happiness, love and care. Happy girlfriend is the best from different types of girlfriends. These are near to perfect one. 

happy girlfriend

Things you love in them and things they do for you :

•She spreads the positive vibes. When you are in a relationship all you want is the one who stays positive and spreads good vibes. 
•She has a broad perspective in life. For her even the smallest things matter. 
•Happy people can find happiness anywhere. 
•She makes you happy. 
•Whenever you are sad and low, you know the person you first want to call or meet. 
•She is your go through person. 
•She definitely knows how to lighten up your mood. 
•Happy girlfriend is the game changer. 
•Her way of living and accepting things slowly slowly transformed into a better person. 
•You learn a lot from her. You learn how to accept things and let go of your sadness. 
A happy woman is a myth. ❌

Correction : A happy woman is difficult to find so keep her close to your heart. 

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4. The Cheater

This is the category from the different types of girlfriends which every guy would avoid. Cheating and lying is of two types. 

First, Not by choice but have lots of options

Second, By choice

Most of the girls belong to the first one. One report says, committed girls get more attention as the single ones in terms of their inability. We all know men love to get behind things which are too difficult for them. 

Single girls are more vulnerable and some men tend to lose interest in them. Committed ones have lots of options to go for. They don’t text anyone but get unavoidable attention, so it’s easy for them to cheat.

For them, cheating is not by choice. They are always ready with backfire allegations. They have a reserved pool of allegations they can put forward in time of argument, which leads you to self realization.

 Second, Cheating by choice. 

These girlfriends are pro in cheating. She can handle 3-4 boyfriends at one time with 4-5 friendzoned boys. 

Whenever you ask her, She is ready to give explanation on anything and is so perfect that you can’t find any loophole and continue to be a fool. Being a good manipulator and along with you other 5-6 boys are cheated by her. 

I hope none of you have this type of girlfriend and if you have then I guess you know what you have to do. Just let her go and move on

5. High maintenance one :

Have you dated any girl from South Delhi or South Mumbai then you would definitely be related to this category from different types of girlfriends. South Delhi or South Mumbai girls are a bit high maintenance.

Let’s find out :

•They want everything to be sophisticated and up to their level. 
•They always flaunt their high branded clothes or jewellery. 
•She picks a boyfriend according to her class. She wants a good personality wise boyfriend who she could show off among her friends. 
•She never does something that’s lame and poor people do. 
•Having a good sense of fashion, she changes your sense of fashion. 
•She is brilliant in her work and motivates you to do something productive. 
•She is way too health conscious and this makes you leave behind your junkie food. 
•You can’t have tea with her on a ‘tapri” as she is a CCD person but if she really loves you she can have your favourite tea in your favorite tea spot, at least once a month. 
•She may be high maintenance but she is just another girl who gets hurt, cries and loves. If you have someone like her in your life, be happy to find her. 

Girls are the best detectives when they try to find something about their boyfriend. Boys don’t even remember what makes their girl mad. They like someone’s picture and forgets it, but a detective type of girlfriend won’t forget it. They go in and around to find everything about her. 

Things you will see while dating a detective type of girlfriend :

•She wants to know everything happening in your life. 
•Your privacy is no more a privacy. Your personal space is interguide by her and you can’t dare to deny it. 
•Detective types of girlfriends are not easy to handle. 
•You can’t fool them with your silly excuses. 
•She would stalk your friends to your family. 
•You can’t keep a password on your whatsApp. 
•Wherever you go outside, you have to share your live locations. 
•Trust is not an issue but she doesn’t trust others. 
You can’t lie in front of your detective girlfriend. 

6. Over thinker :

Overthinking is the most common disease without any cure. An over thinking girlfriend is sometimes an annoying girlfriend. 

girl sitting near window thinking about something

Things an over thinker girlfriend do :

•They make up things in their mind and then be sad about it. 
•You can’t imagine where they can overthink
•You could have simply cut off their call but now they start to think about the reasons why you hung up. She would find multiple bad reasons for that and be upset about it. 
•You don’t even realise which thing is killing her from inside. 
•She is good at hiding things and messing up with her own mind. 
•For them, future planning is a must. You would give her a ring and she would be imagining a marriage with you. 
•They avoid casual relationships as they can’t break up easily and get hurt. 
•An over thinker would always have a list of pros and cons of anything they do. 
•Sometimes they overthink a matter which could be resolved easily. 
•Over thinking leads to problems in relationships. 
•They over think and when things are not upto the expectations they get hurt. 

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Thanks for reading. I hope this article help you in any way.

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