Different types of Boyfriend and their qualities

Life is incomplete without a partner. So ladies, in your life you came across various men and actually have some as your boyfriend. All men are not the same so let’s explore the types of boyfriend you have or will experience in your life. 

Types of boyfriend :

1.Over protective :

Boyfriend can be really sweet and strict at the same time. First on the list of types of boyfriend is the overprotected one. Over protective boyfriends are those who keep an eye on you every time. 

It’s their love that makes them do so Or sometimes they are afraid to lose you. 

What do they do? 

•Always with you

You love his company and want to be with him but not every time. You do need your personal space but an overprotective boyfriend thinks if he stays away from you something bad would happen to you. 
So they accompany you everywhere which is quite irritating. 

•Keeps an eye on you

He always kinda has that feeling that you might be cheating him. An anxious boyfriend always keeps an eye on you and what you do and with whom you go out. He trusts you but he is very protective for you and his nature makes him do all this. 

•Stalk your social media

An overprotective boyfriend will stalk you from Facebook to Instagram to telegram to check whether you are talking to some else or not. 
If he sees someone’s comment on your photo, he would be red faced. He even has your Instagram Id and password. It’s not under his control but he wants to control you. 

•Trusts no one

Whether it’s your friends or best friend when it comes to you, he trust’s no one, not even your family members. He thinks it’s his responsibility to protect you or guard you and in that case he can’t trust others. He himself takes care of you like his baby. 

Don’t allow you wear anything short

He doesn’t like when people comment on you for your perfect body or tone. He doesn’t like when guys peep around your legs in your short dress, he definitely loves you in that attire but doesn’t want others to embrace that beauty.
This cute little jealousy he has makes you blush sometimes. He is an overprotective boyfriend who doesn’t want guys to state at his girls cleavage or toned legs. 

•Warns everyone

He always keeps that bully gang away from you. He warns every girl or boy who would try to hurt you or makes you uncomfortable.He makes sure you don’t get hurt by anyone. Whatever it takes he would do to see you happy. 

•Set ground rules for you

He doesn’t want anything to affect your relationship so he sets out some ground rules for you. Like, not getting too cozy with anyone, try to avoid flirty guys, don’t flirt with others, don’t wear short dresses. 

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2. Lusty one

Next on the list of types of boyfriend is the one with full of lust. He is always into lust and dirty talks. 

Here are some creepy things your boyfriend would say :

Let’s meet :

Every plan lands into a motel. He avoids meeting up at open places. He thinks meeting up there is just a waste of time. 

•Please send photos :

He always urges you to send photos or vedios of you. 

•Always asks for a kiss:

Whether you’re texting or calling, all he wants is a kiss. He can manage with a virtual kiss. 

•Dirty talks:

Double meaning talks is in his blood. He is too excited for anything. Whatever you say, he has that charm to end up with a double meaning thing. He is way too good with texting and you can’t stop him when he is into his world of magic words. 

Is there anything wrong in this? 

I would say no. As he is your boyfriend and you should set limits on him. Everyone has lust within them, some show it off and some hide it. It’s your level of understanding with him. 
And there is no wrong in being that way. A relationship without having a desire for someone is a waste. 
He has lust and love both for you. Having lust for someone is not wrong but there is a thin line between crossing a limit. Even in a relationship, if you are not comfortable with this kind of behavior I advise you to talk directly. He would understand you. 
Yes you can say No even in a relationship and if he is genuine with you and really respects you he would definitely think about this and will try to improve himself. 

3. Unromantic boyfriend

girl fed up with unromantic nature of the guy

‘Not all men are the same’ perfectly fits this type of boyfriend. You will face various types of men in your life but these are a bit different. 

They are different in every way you can imagine. If you love receiving flower bouquet on a first date kinda girl then sorry to disappoint you but he is not the one for you. 

If you’re a poetry person you dreamed of having a boyfriend who would acknowledge you or you’re a romantic person, it would be difficult for you to cope with him.

How to deal with an unromantic boyfriend

You can handle any types of boyfriend but when it comes to unromantic type of boyfriend, you have to put hell lot of efforts.

1.Acceptance :

Before accepting him you should ask yourself ‘is he the one’? You first need to accept him the way he actually is and the fact that you can’t change him. It’s okay to dump someone early rather than disappointing both of you. 

2.Tell him about your expectations :

It’s quite disappointing when you expect someone to do a thing for you and they showed up with nothing. With an unromantic boyfriend, be ready not to expect any surprises. 
You have to put an extra effort on him by telling your needs and desires. He has a nature of not getting things in once and not understanding what girls actually want. You have to make him understand about your expectations from him. 

3. Don’t compare him with others ( romantic boyfriend) :

It really hurts when you compare him with your ex’s or other’s boyfriend. Why on a God name you would do that. It’s the worst anyone can do. 
You would hurt his feelings and make him feel guilty for not being a good boyfriend. Try to make him understand about your needs without hurting his emotions. 

4. Compromise and appreciate :

Be ready to compromise your fairy tale relationship. You have to accept the fact, he would remain the same and you should limit your expectations from him. 
Never stop Appreciating his little efforts for you. This would encourage him more to become a good boyfriend for you. Always acknowledge the efforts he put for you. 

4. Long distance

girl sitting and chatting with someone on laptop

‘Long distance relationships don’t work’. People who are in it must have heard it for like hundred times. But I believe relationships work when there is love, trust and care for one another. 

Long distance boyfriend is the cutest in types of boyfriend in the world as he manages a relationship so well that you never feel lonely. Distance doesn’t matter when you love someone truly. 

Things your long distance boyfriend would do :

•Late night calls

Calls are the only source of listening to the voice of your loved one. Mobile phones are the greatest invention for couples in long distance relationships. They do bless the one who discovered it. 

•24×7 texting

From waking up to having breakfast to what you did the whole day, it’s all circulated via text messages. When texting 24×7 you actually don’t feel the actual distance. 

•Surprise you with unplanned trip

Couples in long distance crave meeting. If you have an amazingly romantic boyfriend, he won’t disappoint you in terms of unplanned trips and vacations. He always tries to put all his efforts into doing everything for you. 

•Sends gifts almost every week

He is full of surprises, he knows how you feel not being with him. He really wants to make up and do things like other normal couples do. So he never forgets to surprise you with flowers or sends random gifts at your workplace. 

•Take care of your health

How beautifully he manages to make you take care of you. A long distance boyfriend is no less than a worrying mother. For him, your health is very important and he makes sure you eat well, sleep well and stay well. 

•Virtual date

One of the cutest things I have seen in guys in long distance relationships. They don’t fail in impressing their lady love. For them, even a date is possible. Virtual date with the one you love is the best feeling in the world. You can’t help but appreciate the effort the guy puts. 

•Face-time every time

Whether you are at work or home or travelling, you are always on phone with him, whether texting or face timing. That blush you get when you talk to him is what we call love. 
jealous boyfriend questioning his girl

Jealous types of boyfriend is the one who is afraid to lose a gem like you. A guy can be jealous and still won’t say much but he must be bursting from inside. 

No boyfriend likes watching his girl getting too friendly with some other guy. A friend or a stranger, boyfriends do feel uncomfortable in such a situation. 

Signs your boyfriend is jealous :

•Acts weird in front of your male friends

All boyfriends get jealous when they see their girl with some other guy. But a jealoused boyfriend is the one who gets so jealoused that it hurts when you talk to other men, even with your male best friend. Girls remember one thing, neither your boyfriend nor your male best friend like each other. You can’t make them friends. 

•Got angry on small things

When he sees you being friendly with someone else. It makes him uncomfortable and upsets him. He gets angry even on small things and tries to blame you even if it’s not your fault. 

•Doesn’t like you getting lot of attention

Men love when they get attention from other girls but when the same happens with their lady they get angry. A jealoused boyfriend doesn’t want anyone to look at you with a lusty eye. 

•Asks more question rather than other days

If he sees you with someone or sees you texting someone, be ready for a list of indirectly asked questions. He would ask and try to dig into a matter. So if something like this happens, understand the situation you are in. 

6. Caring boyfriend

Next on the list of types of boyfriend is the caring boyfriend. Mostly every boyfriend in the starting of a relationship takes care of you like a baby. 

Things a caring boyfriend would do :

•Never let anyone hurt you

Loving you and taking care of you is their utmost priority. They do nothing that would hurt you and never let others hurt you. He stands like a rock between you and the problems, he is the sweetest remedy to any problem. 

•Helps you in every way possible

You boyfriend is there with you in your ups and downs. He has a lot of confidence in you that you can do things on your own, though he stands along with you in case you need any help and helps you without even telling. 

•Be there for you in your lows

A friend in a need’s a friend indeed. He is your friend, best friend and your strongest support system. No matter how wrong you are he will always be there to first correct you and then support you. You have his shoulder when you want to cry your heart out. He is the one and the only person who is there with you in your ups and downs. 

•Listen to you all night

Your gossips, to fights, to make up things. He listens to each and every word you say and never gets bored. Can listen to you all night with a big smile on his face. Your voice is the sweetest thing he has ever heard and your weirdest talks make him talk to you even more. 

•Cries with you

When you are sad and lonely and don’t want to talk to anyone and push away every person in your life, your boyfriend is just an exception to it. You talk to him, share your feelings with him and cry with him, while he listens to you like a baby and cries with you and later makes you laugh. 

7. Romantic types of boyfriend

romantic boyfriend hugging his girl

There is no doubt every girl dreams of a boyfriend like we see in movies. The perfect one, the smart one and most romantic one. You’re lucky if you find someone like that in your life. 

Things romantic boyfriend would do :

•Writes letter

Hand written notes are the most beautiful way of expressing your feelings. It’s different from today’s texting and calling. Writing your heart out is romantic in it’s own way. 

•Take you on dinner dates

Candle light dinner in your cute cafe is still a dream for many girls. A Romantic boyfriend makes sure you feel special in every way. 

•Plan trips to your favorite location

Couples that travel together are my personal favorite. Travelling and exploring cities together is most common in the ‘to-do list’ of hell a lot of people and when you have a romantic boyfriend, you are lucky to live by your dreams. 

•Makes handmade gifts for you

Materialistic gifts are pretty to get but how beautiful it would be to get a handmade gift made by your lover just for you. His efforts to do something different for you and make you happy is everything a girl can desire. 

•Brings flowers and chocolates to pamper you

A romantic boyfriend never forgets to pamper his girlfriend with flowers and chocolates. He even cooks for you to make you smile. 

•Dance with you

Dancing around not perfectly but still so perfect to be together. 

•Never leave chance to make love with you

He really admires you and your beauty. He never really misses any chance to make love with you. 

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