Diamond clarity comparison of VS1 , VS2 , SI1 , SI2


There is every reason in the world to focus your diamond interests on VS1, VS2, SI1 and SI2 clarity diamonds. Most of them will look flawless to the eye and will cost you a fraction of what a truly flawless diamond would cost. Don’t let a salesman convince you that a tiny flaw is something to be ashamed about because that same salesman probably needs a microscope to even notice the difference in the first place.

Do you attend a lot of parties with people walking around with microscopes?  I doubt it.

For those who have the budget to get the best clarity, the VS range will have plenty of excellent choices to suit all but the highest of standards. For the same budget the SI range allows you to take on some small imperfections but improve upon the carat weight, cut and/or color grade.

When purchasing a VS or SI diamond, you should use your own eyes to determine whether the inclusions are acceptable for its grade. This is a skill that will take inexperienced buyers some time to develop, but the persistence will be worth it.

Use what you have learned in this article and you’ll be making great diamond purchases like a pro.

Or go ahead and ask what I think. It would be a pleasure to help you make the perfect diamond purchase.

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