Complete Guide To Gemstones Cutting Style

The shining trinkets here and there, adorning the women, each have a story to depict. The story of their origin, their findings from the mines to their polishing, the gemstones have a story to tell about their journey from the mines to the shining ornaments.

Since ancient times, precious jewelry widely used by men and women alike. Various shining gemstones were extensively in use to decorate the ornaments for the men and the women of the era.

The gemstones are one simply rough, unpolished stone mostly found in mines. The rough, unpolished, dirty looking stone, often not flawless enough, is accordingly cut and polished to give its glimmer and shine. The stone keeps taking a shape as the gem cutter starts working on the stone. The brilliance and the true color of the stone come in the plain sight as it cut gradually shapes the stone.

Different Shapes of Gemstones

The finishing of the work depends on the experience of the gem cutter. A gem cutter takes a minimum of two years of experience to become a professional. A gemstone comes in various shapes and sizes. Round, pear, square, octagon, oval, heart and, triangular are among-st the many shapes of gemstones that are available. It depends upon the jeweler as to how to shape the gemstone to reveal its brilliance and clarity while hiding the flaws of the said gemstone.

Each gemstone is meticulously cut into different types, depending on the usage, for the appropriate piece of ornament. A gemstone which is square in shape may be given a princess cut or a radiant cut depending on the jewelry.

There are many factors taken into consideration while deciding upon the shape of the stone. Also, the shape will suit a particular stone or not is also kept in mind. These judgments are easily made by professionals who have experience in gem cutting techniques.

Shaping the Future of the Gemstones Before the Adornment


The various cuts of the gemstones mainly differ in the amount and size of the facets, which are the carvings onto the surface of the gemstone within each category of shapes. The most common notably styles and techniques of gem cutting are down below for a quick glance.

The Emerald Cut Gemstones

This particular cut is in shape of a rectangle from the top while trimming down the corners. The gem’s color and clarity are of utmost importance in this cut than the sparkle of the gem itself. As the name suggests, this design is precisely in use to cut the emerald gemstone.

The Heart Cut

This heart cut is the essence of the pear cut with a cleft at the top. This cut is fiery and offers a great deal of sparkle to the stone. The key to choosing a good heart cut shape lies in the symmetry of the stone.

Asscher Cut

This is also famous as the square emerald cut. This particular cut is a mix of the princess cut and an emerald cut. The Ruby Gemstone in Asscher cut is a fine option for a necklace having a centerpiece. Asscher cut engagement rings are popular among-st the Hollywood starlets. Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Ashlee Simpson and, Resse Witherspoon sports this particular cut in their engagement rings.

The Princess Cut

This cut adorns a square shape. The best features of this cut are brilliantly available in transparent gemstones by light. The princess cut retains almost eighty percent of its original weight.

The Radiant Cut

It is the combination of the princess and a cushion cut. This is one of the trendiest cuts in the block where a square or the octagon shape is crop instead of giving it a round cut. This cut retains the modern square cut without sacrificing the fire and brilliance aspect of a round cut gem. The sophistication and elegance of the style have become a celebrity favorite. Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff, and Jessica Beil many times  flaunting their radiant cut engagement rings.

While Purchasing a Gemstone

Choosing a particular cut for a gemstone requires years of expertise in the subject matter. While purchasing gemstones, gem authentication certificate is the most important document to ask for. This takes care of the part where one is paying for the authentic gemstones. In the near future selling the gems if necessary, becomes easy if the certificate is present during the transaction. It is advisable to have an evaluation of the gemstone done from a certified laboratory to identify with the real gemstone.



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