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Now that we’re settling into Fall, let’s take a look at the 2020 Fall color palette that was seen on this year’s runways.  Some great mixes are in this season, such as rich, deep burgundy.  These hues can be found in many stones such as mookite, ruby and garnet.  This looks great with a new neutral such as a gray of any hue.  These burgundies range in shade from cherry red to any deep wine color. And don’t forget to include bright reds in this mix.  Use it for a pop of color against a neutral.

Making a shift on the color wheel, almost every shade of blue was represented on the runway.  Look for vibrant, bold blues, as well as navy and even soft powder blue.  These can easily be paired with most neutrals.  You can find an endless number of stones in blues, such as lapis, sapphire and topaz.  If these aren’t in your budget, many natural, dyed options can be found.  I don’t mind using dyed agates because they take color so well that you can find them in beautiful colors and they don’t break the bank.

In the realm of neutrals, gray is especially popular and dominated runways in head to toe looks.  The key thing to remember is to mix various shades and textures.  You can find many great options in stones going from dark, ash tones to light heather shades.  I love a smoky agate or a sparkly drusy in these tones paired with sterling silver.  But don’t forget, mixed metals are also popular, so go for gray stones set in gold or on gold chain.  

Gray was not the only neutral featured this season.  Many designers opted for a creamy, almond milk or off white color.  This ivory neutral looks elegant, luxurious and modern and is gorgeous in pearls and even crystals.  An offshoot of cream is tan or beige.  These tones can be found in so many stones and pair well with almost anything you wear.  These colors are going to be around for a long time and throughout seasonal changes so you can’t go wrong investing in these neutrals.

One surprising hue that was seen this season is celery.  This is one of my personal favorites.  It’s so unexpected and fresh and crisp.  Absolutely glorious paired with a gray.  It adds just a touch of botanical and is also very modern and fun.  Again, agates are a great way to go to get this color but also include peridot and quartz.  Another green shade that you’ll find in stores this season is olive green.  This is also a personal favorite and can also be used as a neutral.  There are also many choices in a natural stone in this color.

Another surprise for fall comes in the range of orange.  These shades can be found paired with everything from blue to brown and are just a happy, creative addition to your fall palette.  Natural stones are abundant in these shades.  I love carnelian for fall but so many agates and jaspers and even opals are rich in these hues.

Well I hope you enjoyed learning about this season’s runway colors as much as I did.  Have fun with your jewelry and use this information to update your style this fall and winter and come back soon for more insight.

​Source:  Who What Wear, 10-16-20 by Judith Jones

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