CBDPure – CBD Laws in Florida

Relevant Laws: 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act, SB 1030, SB 182

Buying CBD in Florida

Florida is considered a very permissive state when it comes to hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD. In 2016, voters overwhelmingly voted to approve “Amendment 2”, which greatly expanded Floridians access to both hemp and medical marijuana. In 2019, the Florida legislature passed SB 1020 unanimously, which specifically legalized all CBD products and “hemp extracts” that were derived from legal hemp plants, and excluded them from regulation as controlled substances. It also expanded opportunities for farmers to grow hemp within the state under hemp cultivation licenses.

CBD Oil In Florida State

CBD in Florida

Florida does require local producers to get independent 3rd-party lab test to confirm their CBD products are below 0.3% THC and contain no contaminants. CBD products are widely available from government-licensed dispensaries, retail stores, and online merchants that ship to Florida.

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