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The island state of Hawaii has taken a harder stance towards CBD than many states, despite its laid back island nature. The Hawaii Health Department states that any supplement or food containing added CBD is considered “adulterated”, but has no specific policy of enforcement. The state had approved an industrial hemp pilot program for hemp growers in 2014, and an updated law, SB-1353 was vetoed and never replaced after passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Many shops on the islands sell direct to consumers. Nobody has been prosecuted in Hawaii for selling or possessing CBD oil. As long as CBD products sold within the state are derived from hemp (< 0.3% THC) no action has been taken on possession, though some brick and mortar retailers have reported getting warnings, but no fines.

CBD Oil In Hawaii State

CBD in Hawaii

Hawaii does have a developed medical marijuana legal framework, and approved patients can purchase THC and CBD products through the state’s Medical Cannabis Registry Program. State Health Director Bruce Anderson has publicly stated that his department would seek to regulate CBD as a dietary supplement in the upcoming year, but no legislation has been introduced for that yet.

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