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Captain Toonhead vs The Punks from Outer Space, that’s rather the mouthful when it concerns prolonged videogame titles yet it completely highlights Teravision Games’ virtual truth (VR) task. Captain Toonhead is an overblown marital relationship of comics style and tower defence gameplay, no place else can you battle cybernetic T-Rexs with taking off pigs and electrical pizza pieces.

Captain Toonhead

Tower defence video games don’t tend to be too extravagant in their discussion so Captain Toonhead uses a welcome modification. Big, vibrant visual styles, strange characters, an excessive bad guy and a not so subtle piece of humour running throughout. In the world of Captain Toonhead you’re on an objective to conserve the world from the evil Nicholas Voorhees and his army of chickens and sharks. A fracture group of employees was sent out to handle the scenario however sadly, a defective microwave and a red hot burrito eliminated them all. So it’s up to you as Elliott Salazar, an area janitor who’s handy with a set of tools to finish the objective.    

So like any tower defence title you’re charged with structure protective turrets (or Toonrets), stopping the advance of Voorhees’ army throughout a series of ever more complex maps. If you’re familiar with the category then all the normal essentials are here, an inexpensive rocket tower is your immediate go-to, whilst a freezing Toonret slows opponents down, and the Senor PIGnata tosses dynamites for location result damage. They all have their own shooting rates and variety so cautious positioning for optimum damage is constantly vital, with minimal places on each map.

Where Captain Toonhead begins shaking things up is with your gamer capabilities. There is a number that you need to handle to effectively finish each level, and it’s this range in mix with the ridiculous nature of the entire experience that makes Captain Toonhead, enjoyable and definitely busy to play. First up are your TurboMjolnirs which are basically little hammers. These children are utilized to gather scrap stopped by opponents so you can develop more Toonrets in addition to upgrade the towers from a range. Even better are the 2 pistols which you’ll be utilizing a lot, such as the opponent style that you cannot relax and let the Toonrets do all the work, you’ll stop working. Plus that’s simply dull. Finally, among this choice of tools are the Chancla – or more exactly a set of flip flops). What takes place if you strike somebody with among these sandy shoes, they’ll most likely stagger and look shocked for a minute; that’s precisely what takes place here. Stun those opponents with a Chancla to the face!

Captain Toonhead

The objective on each map is to secure these little packages of actual energy called EnerCubes. Protecting them isn’t simply crucial to end up each level, you’ll require them to update your set, all of which is upgradable. Towers can be enhanced so you can level them up throughout an objective, your weapons can be made more terrible, hammers even much faster and flip flops much more sensational. Skill tree’s requirement to use a good range so that gamers can make their own tactical options and Captain Toonhead provides simply the correct amount without it getting too ridiculous.

As pointed out, Captain Toonhead provides you choices, which implies lots of balancing in the later levels when there are numerous paths to compete with. Once you’ve got things began with a number of turrets positioned you can blend and match in between remaining beside the EnerCubes to secure them yourself, delve into a tower to shoot opponents with your pistols, gather scrap with your TurboMjolnirs or release your ace in the hole, the ToonRide. Quickly putting your hands above your head triggers this ravaging capability, providing you direct control of the Toonret. Or if you’re beside the objective, up pop 2 energized pizza pieces to provide some significant damage.

Switching in between all of these makes Captain Toonheads’ levels an outright attack for numerous minutes, particularly as soon as the challenger range begins to enhance. Enemies in tower defence video games don’t require to be clever, they follow accurate paths and patterns that are simple to track. They’ll get harder and include armour however more significantly – where it concerns including you – components like the health balloons and force fields actively need your involvement. Take the force field, for instance, drones will secure a specific which your Toonrets simply won’t assault, you need to come down there and shoot them off yourself for your defences to trigger. It’s a little thing however a level can quickly be lost when 3 paths all have them on.

Captain Toonhead

However, Captain Toonhead isn’t a completely vibrant paradise of tower defence video gaming. At times it can feel truly inflexible, particularly throughout the early phase of any level. You can improve skywards to get an ordinary of the land yet there’s no chance to move besides leaping in between towers. This makes putting defences rather picky at a range, requiring you to develop close by up until you’ve got some more towers out. The animations at range can likewise look nearly stop-motion, opponents motion’s only smoothing out the closer you get.

The spaceship center where you pick levels and upgrade devices is likewise a little bit of an enigma. Captain Toonhead has an extremely “playground” feel to all of it and the center is no various. It’s really hectic and looks extremely interactive yet hardly anything is. You can teleport around to numerous places within the ship yet there’s absolutely nothing to do. Seems a little bit of a waste thinking about how vibrant the entire set-up is, you’d believe having the ability to pop balloons or utilize the target would be readily available, increasing that sense of immersion.  

Captain Toonhead vs The Punks from Outer Space is a ridiculous tower defence experience and all the much better for it. The gameplay is pure home entertainment from start to end up, with lots of character and blowing that you truly shouldn’t take it too seriously. There are a number of wobbles along the method and there is definitely space for some skill in the mechanics. If you’re trying to find the supreme VR tower defence title then this isn’t it. If you desire humour, method and weapons, then you’ve concerned the best location.