Emerald [email protected].(Economy)

100% Natural, Non-Treated, Zambian Emerald for potentiating the positive energies of planet Budh (Mercury)  in one’s life, Astrologically Approved (Jyotish- Standard), No- Negative inclusions (According to the Ancient  Gems healing  Vedic Texts), Purified and energized with Vedic  Budh (Mercury) Mantras (To purify  and magnify the planetary Energies), Certified by Govt. Lab.

Additional Information

Weight               3.77

Weight In Rati       4.18

Shape              Oval/Mixed

Width              7.92

Length              10.63

Depth              6.41

Color              Green

Clarity             Transparent

Gemstone       Emerald

Certification no    –

Certification By    –

Quality             Natural

Composition     Zambian

Tage             E217

Treatment       –

Price:  7,920

[email protected] (Pure Vedic Gems)

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