Bringing brand-new life to Swedish threatened animals utilizing AR

According to the UN, more plants and animals are threatened with termination now than in any other duration of human history — around 1 million types internationally. The speeding up rate of termination is an immediate matter, and at today’s UN biodiversity conference agents from nations all over the world are coming together practically to set out a prepare for how to fight the obstacle of much better securing our threatened environmental environment.

Sweden, which is house to much of the renowned wildlife in the northern hemisphere — from moose and bears to reindeer and wolverines— presently has 2,249 threatened types, according to the IUCN Red List. Each of these animals plays an important function in the environment we are all a part of, yet according to a current research study by Kantar Sifo, 30% of Swedes don’t think or understand if there are animals presently at threat of ending up being extinct in Sweden.

Meet 5 threatened types in 3D

Today, in cooperation with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and in an effort to raise awareness of threatened animals, we are bringing 5 brand-new Swedish threatened types to Search in increased truth. Now, by merely looking for the lynx, arctic fox, white-backed woodpecker, harbour cetacean or moss carder bee in the Google App and tapping “View in 3D”, individuals from all over the world will have the ability to fulfill the animals up close in a life-size scale with motion and noise.