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So you decided to start a blog and the next thing you might want to do is to find a topic to blog about. Here is an article that gives you some great Blogging topics and ideas.


Choosing a Blogging topic is the most important thing in your blogging journey. You can not change the topic later and you will need to frequently and consistently provide fresh new content to your audience. This is important to retain your readers and for better search engine ranking.

You have probably heard that it is best to start a niche blog as it is easier to rank and make more traffic that converts. And choosing a niche blogging topic can be confusing for some as you will be stuck without any idea.

Well, to choose a topic, you need to consider two things.

Can you provide relevant and accurate information?

Do you have the knowledge and expertise to frequently create and update contents?

An example is, if you are fond of dogs, you can start a blog which describes caring and grooming for dogs and you can also cover more things like dog diseases and food recipes for dogs.

Now, “Dog” is a pretty big or wide niche as there are so many breeds and people will be searching for these breeds. Imagine you have deeper knowledge about husky dog created a blog exclusively for “Husky” dog breed.

You will be able to make much more authentic content about the dog breed as you are an expert and you can also update the content often and write new blog posts every day. And they traffic you are getting will most likely convert much more than other keywords.

Now I think you have an idea on how to choose a topic, in simple words, choose a topic you know well.

Topics and ideas

Here are some topics that you can consider.

Pets and animals

Do you like pets and animals? Can you provide expert advice and tips about raising an animal or pet? You can start a blog about a pet. This will give you highly targeted traffic that converts more than some other highly competitive keywords.

I remember when I got a labrador puppy, I was so worried about so many things and I did a lot of Googling and I did purchase many pet accessories online. Good ways to earn money with an Amazon affiliate program.

Apart from that, people nowadays are buying more and more including exotic pets. You don’t really have to blog about dogs, you can blog about cats, parrot, love birds or any type of pets.

Personality development and self-improvement

Personality development is another field which you can consider blogging about. We as human are in need of constant support regarding personality and overall development. Can you provide some support to the people who are looking for tips and ways to improve themselves? Then you can consider providing them with some quality content.

Social skills

Social skill is an art which takes a lot of efforts to master. Surely, we develop social skills in various places such as home, school, college, workplace etc. Still, there are so many individuals who struggle with social skills.

If you can provide some great content to the people regarding social skills and how to develop them, you can blog about that. You can also cover topics like social dynamics and social anxiety etc.


Are you the person who loves cooking and love doing experiments in your kitchen? You can share your awesome recipes with others by making a blog.

You can also make your own version of popular dishes and share it with the community. If you have some photography skills too, you can make awesome images of your dishes and share them with the world.

DIY Projects

DIY projects can be a topic which you can blog about. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can share your project details. You can also share projects of other DIY enthusiasts on your Blog.

Vegan diet

The vegan diet is getting popular among people. You can blog about the vegan diet and its benefits. You can also help people how to get started with a vegan diet and guide them through the transition period. Additionally, you can also share some vegan recipes.

Organic diet

Just like the vegan diet, organic diet and living are getting popular among people more than before. You can blog about this and teach them how to eat organic. You can also cover topics like how to eat organic and you can also explain the benefits of organic food.


Photography is ever-growing than before with companies launching affordable DSLR cameras, anyone can grab one without emptying their wallet. You can teach them various photography techniques and explain the whole technical terms such as shutter priority mode etc.

You can also provide tutorials about various things such as framing, lighting etc. Additionally, you can review new gears if you can get new products, sure it can be hard in the beginning, but as you become popular, companies will approach you for reviews.

Music and music instruments

Music and musical instruments are the favourites of everybody. I am sceptical if you can effectively teach music online but you can provide some basic tips and tutorials. Additionally, you can review instruments you are expert about.


Travelling is a new trend! The number of travellers is increasing every day. And they choose different styles of travelling every day depends on their budget. If you are someone who travels a lot, you can share your experience with other travellers.

You can share details about hotels, best transportation, places to visit, places to avoid, how to mingle with locals etc you can share so many information.

There is an audience interested to know others travelling stories and updates so sharing your videos and photos is another option. You can make money from affiliate marketing and contextual ads etc.

How to

How to websites are getting popular. If you can provide an expert opinion about a certain topic, you can consider doing this. If you know some others who can help in this, you can ask them to contribute too.


If you can provide some guides to people regarding something, you can make a blog about that. People are looking for guides online for many things. If you can provide some great guides on any topic, you can make a blog for that.

Product reviews

Product reviews are a big source of traffic that converts. If you are about to review some big things such as an iPhone or Pixel phone, expect huge competition. You need to find something less competitive so it will be easier for you to rank.

An example would a review about the Robocop Roomba. You can review something like a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner or just about anything that looks less popular. If you are about to review something which is really popular, expect big competition and you will need a lot of SEO and backlinks to rank for the term.


The news blog is another topic, if you can collect breaking news and update them, you can start a blog about that. Start from a smaller niche such as tech news or health news, this will be easier for you curate content and rank for some keywords.

Parenting and family

There are many parents searching for parental guides for raising their children in a good way. If you can provide some great parenting guidelines and tips to raise children, you can make a blog for that. You can also include how-to guides, tips and expert advice about parenting.

Interview tips

There are many people looking for interview tips and guidelines. If you can provide valuable advise, consider blogging about that. You can include topics like Interview techniques used recruiters, Body language, dressing, what do and what to avoid etc.


Fitness is an ever-growing field. You can find more and more people are interested in eating clean and remaining fit. You can provide tips and tricks and also share how to lose weight guide or how to gain weight guide and much more.

You can also provide some healthy diet and teach people what to eat and what to avoid to get fit and maintain fitness.


You can create a technology blog and add your own content to it. You can add the latest technology news, leaks, Information and reviews to it. Choose a niche which has less competition so that it will be easier to rank.

Answers website

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Answers websites are really popular and you might be aware of that after the huge success of Quora.

Well, you can also create another Q&A blog just like that to provide some answers to the people who’ve been looking for those.

The potential for this is unlimited.


Jokes and stories never get old. You can create a blog which provides funny jokes or good stories.

There are still people who look for the and you can also consider posting other’s stories too.

Myths and myth busters

Myths are there since the very beginning of the human race. You can make a blog which tells people about myths around the world.

Or you can also make a myth-buster blog which reveals the reality behind popular myths.

Marketing and promotion

Marketing and promotion are a million-dollar business. You can create websites which teach marketing and promotion and also share new tips and tricks to make the campati2 more effective for people.

Additionally, you can also teach digital marketing for dummies if you are an expert in that field.

Teaching online

Teaching, do you love that? Then you can consider teaching online. If you are an expert considers teaching others online.


So these are some topics to make some awesome blogs. We will keep adding more topics to this list so keep checking back. Once again, pick a topic you can produce fresh, informative content often. Also, choose a niche with low competition so that it will be easier to rank and get more conversions.

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