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You made a fantastic blog but you hardly get some visitors? Well, along with great content, you need to market your blog too. There are many ways you can market your blog and we are discussing some of those methods in this article. 

You may have thought that marketing a website or blog needs a big budget and we need to spend thousands in it. Well, it is true SEO is an expensive game, but we can also do it without spending much money and in some cases, almost free. Read this article and you will learn how to market your blog online.

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Write guest posts

Writing guest posts can be a fun and the easiest and most cost-effective way for every blogger to market their blog. What you need to do is to contact other bloggers or webmasters, most blogs and websites will have a contact us page. Send them an email with your proposal and see how they respond.

To get replies, stop using fake names and include links to your previous work published on other websites. Please remember that you need to write a high-quality article. And networking with fellow bloggers is a win-win situation for everyone.

If they like your article, they will publish it and you will be allowed to add a link to your blog, getting quality backlinks is crucial for better SEO.

Implement better SEO

Implementing better SEO could give a boost to your blog as you will be getting more organic traffic. By implementing better SEO, which means following better on-page SEO and off-page SEO practices, you can optimize your blog by yourself for better SEO in most cases.

On-page SEO practices include tagging your images correctly, making canonical URLs, implementing headers correctly, and so on. To know more about on-page SEO, you can read this article

Off-page SEO is something that needs equal or more attention. And building links is one most important thing in off-page SEO and to know how to get backlinks, refer to tip #1.

Make your website fast

Making your website faster would make your blog/website appealing to both users and search engines. Your users may leave your blog soon if it is slow to load. The same is applicable for search engines also. Google takes website speed as a ranking signal too.

You need to make your blog/website load faster.  Remember, the faster the blog is, the better it is.

Make use of  newsletters

You need to convert your new users to a returning user. The best way to make them return to your blog is to send them newsletters. You need to offer them something worthy so that they will keep visiting your blog. Do not send newsletters regularly, some users may feel that you are spamming them.

Sending a newsletter once in a fortnight or once in a month would be enough. Include most important events that happened and upcoming events too. If you have an offer or a partner offer to provide them, that would be great to get more loyal users.

To make more people subscribe to your newsletters, offer them something valuable, such as an ebook or a course.

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Email marketing is an excellent way to get more leads and conversions.

Online forums

Actively participate in online forums. You can find more likeminded people from there and also your projects will get a boost. You can add your blog URLs to the signature area of your profile so that people will notice your blog and you will get a boost too.

Please be careful that do not paste your URLs everywhere as it will be considered as spamming and please don’t spam too!

Host a giveaway

People love giveaways, if you host a giveaway, people will actively participate and will convert them to a regular visitor. Use some online tools like Gleam to host giveaways. By hosting a give away your subscriber and social media followers will also increase.


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