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SEO, the most important thing which you should be given importance to. You already know that you must use an SEO plugin on your website to get more search engine ranking and more traffic and sales or readers.

SEO can be hard especially if you have no idea about the concept or if you are not an expert. However, you can learn SEO and do it yourself. We have an article that describes the very basics of SEO do read it if you are absolutely a beginner.

For dummies (Like me) it is necessary to use an SEO plugin on your website as it takes care of all the basic things such as optimizing titles and tags, snippets, optimizing content, and other basic things.

Here is a list of some good SEO plugins available for WordPress. Do use one of these on your website.

The SEO Framework

The SEO framework is a new plugin that picks up momentum in the WordPress industry. It comes with a lot of specialities such as it works out of the box, and they also claims that they follow the best SEO Practice.


SEO framework comes with a lot of features. It is preconfigured and comes with an excellent quick setup guide if you are not an SEO expert. They also claim that their plugin leaves no room for mistakes and they are pretty confident about that it seems.

It also makes social sharing easier for you. In fact, it is a plugin that is modern yet simple and works well for you.


Like other plugin developers, they also provide a forum based support to their customers. They claim that they personally provided resolution to more than 1400 queries posted in their support forum, and they provided support within 48 hours.

This is good considering some other well known plugin developers don’t provide support to their free users even through forum.


When pricing is considered, they follow a monthly payment system. the basic plan starts from $7/month if paid yearly and the next plan costs $17/year if paid yearly. The most expensive plan costs $27/month if paid yearly. As pricing gets costlier, you get better priority support.

Yoast SEO


The most popular and most used plugin available for WordPress websites. Yoast SEO comes with all the things you needed. The plugin currently enjoys over 5 millions of downloads.

Yoast plugin is pretty easy to use. upon installation, the plugin guides you through the installation process and set it up for you. You can get started fast and easily with your SEO. The plugin also offers SEO analysis, custom sitemap and breadcrumbs and other functionalities.

The plugin has a premium version which offers Social media preview, woocommerce extension and much more. The premium version of the plugin indeed offers much more.


Yoast team provides support via WordPress forums. This is the only way a free user can get access to Yoast support. But premium users can avail premium support via email. According to Yoast team, they are not that active on forums which means do not expect any kind of support from them, if you want support, your only option is to choose the paid version.

Which means if you are having a hard time with the free version of the plugin, expect less to no support you are on your own if you run into a problem.


The plugin costs $89/website. This price includes support and updates for 1 year. If you need the license for another year, you need to purchase another license, pretty standard.

All in one SEO pack


Another well known and well-used SEO plugin and the classic rival of Yoast. AIOSEO is currently installed on over 2 million websites.

The plugin offers usual setup such as optimizing titles and tags along with code snippet optimization. They also help you to optimize the content for your target keyword.

Along with these, the plugin offers extra functionalities such as XML sitemaps, Social meta and much more. It also offers a feature called bad bot blocker which is a really helpful feature.

The plugin works out of the box but if you want to make changes to the settings, it has a single page setup option where you can change everything easily.


Just like Yoast, AIOSEO also offers support via their own forum and WordPress forum as well. If you need premium one on one support, you need to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin. But it looks like the plugin developer is active in their own forum so you will be getting community support if you are relying on the free version.


They have different pricing options. They charge yearly and a single license costs you $97.  A business plan costs around $139 which can be used on 10 websites. An agency license costs around $699 which can be used on an unlimited number of websites.

You can choose the one which suits better for your needs.



Squirrly is a relative newcomer in the field of SEO and gained quick popularity among webmasters due to their great results. They have an entirely different approach towards SEO like focus pages and live editors which shows your on-page SEO status upon writing an article.

It also shows your SEO score and tells you where you need to make changes to rank better. Squirrly is getting really famous due to this ease of use and the quick result they produce.


Squirrly come with great support. They offer customer support in many ways such as forum support, live chat, twitter, facebook etc. You can also reach them via email which can be found on their website.

So far, Squirrly provides best customer support and as usual, the premium customer will be given preference.


They do have a free version which comes with limited features. To get full features, you need to upgrade to the paid version. And they have a unique approach when it comes to pricing.  They have a pro plan which costs $29.99/Month and they have a business plan which costs $71.99/Month.

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Depends on plan you purchase, features may vary but considering the price and Squirrly promise, it is worth purchasing, With the free plan, your features are limited and you will be forced to upgrade to a paid plan sooner or later.

Rank math

Rank math is the latest addition to the family of SEO plugin and growing fast and consistently. Perhaps Rankmath is the most sophisticated SEO plugin as it comes with loads of features and everything for free.

The developer needs you to create an account and login to your account via the plugin but it is completely optional. You need not use this function but if you do that, you can track more keywords.


When it comes to features, Rankmath has a big list. In fact, they have so many features which many users will find confusing. It comes with a setup wizard and a clean and modern user interface.

It comes with many features like keyword support, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs etc and it also supports Google’s rich snippets and also provides an automatic image SEO.

Other features like content analysis, focus keywords and many other features are also available with the plugin. We must say that it is the most feature-packed SEO plugin. One thing worth mentioning is that the plugin also supports woo commerce which is a premium feature in many other themes such as Yoast SEO.


When support is considered, they are ready to answer your queries anytime according to their website. You can reach them through their support system and get your issues fixed. They are also very active in the WordPress forums and they also have a facebook group which provides support.


Nothing catchy there, the plugin is totally free. However, you need to register an account with them to use the plugin completely but again, it is optional.

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