Best Nespresso Coffee Machines | Review

Best Nespresso Coffee Machines

Whether you are into a full espresso or a creamy flat white, you will find the perfect coffee partner with the Nespresso machines in the shortlist below.

It is not just George Clooney standing next to a Nespresso coffee machine that creates the hype around the Nespresso brand, it is their sophisticated and simple to use a wide range of capsule-based coffee machines that have done the most to engrave the brand into our minds. Let’s face it, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t know about them. But Nespresso is not alone, there are other manufacturers such as Krups, De’Longhi and Magimix fighting for the top spot as the ultimate Nespresso coffee machine. Choosing the right machine can be quite hard and confusing, with so much choice and so many different features.  

We have put together this short list of top Nespresso coffee machines, each one of them unique on its own and providing its own special features. Read below which one of these Best Nespresso Coffee Machines is the right fit for you and your lifestyle. Regardless of budget or preference, there’s something for everyone on this list. Whether you are into a grande, skinny, sugar-free vanilla flat white, etc being able to make your own first thing in the morning or after dinner is simply amazing.

The appeal (and the premise) of a Nespresso machine couldn’t be any simpler. It allows you to create professional-looking espressos and long coffee drinks from the comfort of your own home without any mess, fuss or even the remotest bit of barista skill. You just pop a pod in, press one button and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have the time but want a coffee-shop style coffee in less time than it takes to say “one espresso please”, the below list is the best Nespresso coffee machines.

If, however, you’re looking for something more professional, these are the best coffee machines

Breville-Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine


Breville-Nespresso Creatista Coffee Espresso Machine with accessories


  • Excellent milk-frothing capabilities
  • Easy coffee-making through Nespresso capsule system
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • User-friendly interface
  • An affordable automatic espresso machine


  • Limited choice of capsules compared to ground coffee beans
  • Fixed setting and does not offer customization
  • No manual control for temperature
  • The steam wand is automatic
  • Milk frothing has fixed preset settings

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This stainless steel coffee making machine runs smooth, fast, and does not create any noise, which I pretty impressive as you always get that hiss in the background when the water is running through the capsule. Some enjoy it as they can feel coffee coming through, others hate the rather bland sound. What is really cool is that the Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine heats up very quickly, in less than 3 seconds you are ready to go and the milk is ready for frothing. That is very cool, especially if you are in a rush but you can’t do without your cup of coffee. No more having to wait until the machine heats up. All done super quick. You can choose from foamy to a creamy froth, with its 8 different textures, and that should be enough to most people.

The machine’s capacity is for up to 6 cups before a refill. It feels good drinking knowing that there is no plastic involved in the process, making the machine BPA-free. And to make it even more interesting, you do not have to worry about the internal cleaning process either because it has an internal self-cleaning feature to maintain the quality parts inside. Not only that but you get a barista milk jug with your coffee machine, so you are ready to go from the moment to turn this brilliant coffee machine.

Overall, the Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffe Machine is a fantastic machine to serve a cup of espresso or a latte with impressive art instantly. It is like a step in between the basic and simple Nespresso machines and the full-blown coffee espresso machines. However, do not expect professional-like design because it has no manual control over the process, it is designed to do everything for you, except pouring the milk. But it does it so well, and the coffee, we have to admit, tastes delicious. We never had a single person in our testing team complain, we all loved it. This machine is made for a convenient coffee experience that will save a lot of time and hassle for a busy person or family.

Nespresso Vertuoline Evoluo Espresso Machine


  • Easy to operate and a heavy-duty machine
  • Centrifusion method for extracting coffee
  • One-touch brewing system with fast preheating time
  • Power saver feature to prevent possible accidents
  • Has a huge and removable water tank


  • Cheap-looking plastic body panels
  • Not compact enough to fit in some kitchen    counters corners
  • Small drip tray to store large waste liquid
  • Expensive coffee capsules
  • Limited coffee flavors

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The Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo is a 2-in-1 coffee and espresso maker for any cup or glass size. It is a great coffee machine that is super easy to use and consistently gets you coffee that is rich and full of flavor. With great features and benefits, the Evoluo stands out as one of the best and most simple to operate Nespresso machines.

Although it is mostly made of plastic, it is of good quality and feels durable. We felt that having such shiny finish on plastic it might get easily scratched, but as a whole, it is a hard-wearing coffee maker that, with minimum maintenance, can/ will last for some time. With all in mind, it has a stylish design, and the fact that comes in different colors to choose from adds to its wide-range appeal.

The Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo is the most versatile all-in-one coffee maker in today’s market. The coffee is good, with an easy-to-use interface and built-in maintenance alert. It has everything you need to get your coffee done quickly and tasting always the way you like it. And with amazing features such as centrifusion brewing, capsule-scanning, and the availability to easily fit different cup sizes, it is hard not to recommend it.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffe and Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine

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Unlike other Nespresso coffee machines, it has unique, amazing, and multifunctional features that turn making coffee into a joyful experience. The Nespresso Vertuo can produce five servings of different cup sizes with just the touch of a button. The single button operation is something that we have all got accustomed to and the one thing Nespresso deserves massive credit for, The machine has a large water reservoir that is easy to remove for refilling and cleaning. Also, this machine uses Centrifusion technology to create the perfect blend of coffee and water along with the right amount of cream on top.

A unique feature from Nespresso is the combination of centrifugal and infusion that is known as Centrifusion Extraction technology. It works as the coffee capsules spin up to 7000 rotations per minute inside the machine while water is being injected and infused by ground coffee. The capsules have a barcode on the rim and the machine, as the capsule spins, is able to read it. This technology allows the Nespresso Vertuo to calibrate the correct brewing parameters for the specific coffee blend that you have chosen. This results in a coffee or espresso rich in delicious flavor, aromatic smell, and perfect-foamed cream on top.

If you are all about tasting great espresso or coffee and you have different people needing different cup sizes then the answer is yes. Naturally features such as the centrifusion system will only help to make your decision as it is a unique feature of Nespresso machines. The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee machine is completely different from the more-traditional machines that allow the use of a wide range of pods, with this one you can still use those but the best results will be using Nespresso pods with the barcode baked into the rim. The machine is small enough to fit any kitchen top and gets you amazing espresso and coffee.

De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini

De'Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini

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The tiny but stylish automatic single-serve Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso is a very affordable and reliable espresso coffee machine that is super simple to use. So simple in fact that within minutes of opening the box, you will be enjoying a great-tasting espresso with gorgeous cream on top.

Many of us don’t have the time nor the patience to grind our own coffee and go through the process of making it. Let alone buying a machine to do all of that at home! Nespresso revolutionized the way we understand coffee making, and yet, some will say it is not real coffee unless you do it properly. However, not everyone requires that excellence so having a little machine in the corner of your kitchen will not only save a ton of money from getting coffee at your local café but also give you the freedom to enjoy it whenever you want it.

Since the Essenza Mini uses an automatic one-touch operation, there is no need for any adjustments. It is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is insert a coffee capsule, choose between espresso and lungo, press the one and only button, and wait for the brewing process. If simplicity is your thing, you have met your match in heaven. It is a super easy-to-use machine but naturally, the compromise is that it lacks versatility in producing drinks other than espresso-based. If you want a little bit more finesse you might want to consider the Creatista Plus Coffee machine, also by Nespresso.

If you are the type that needs an espresso every morning to get you going but can’t be bothered with complex setups or don’t have the patience to spend time brewing your own coffee, the De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso maker will be an ideal match for you. This small machine is super simple to use, with minimum maintenance and at a very affordable price.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio 2 Coffee Machine

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, Genio 2


  • Automatic shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Great-looking and compact design
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can brew up to 15 different hot and cold coffee
  • Fit for single-cup brewing


  • The water tank is quite difficult to pull out
  • Does not offer customized espresso drinks
  • Coffee capsules are not available in some stores    and cost more
  • Coffee pods are not included in the package
  • Only suitable for speciality coffee drinker

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The Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio 2 is a small, single-serving, and capsule-based machine that is fantastic for cappuccino and mocha-style drinks. Get ready for an everyday coffee-bar like experience from the comfort of your home. You get to enjoy a wide range of coffee blends or styles with this machine. Actually, 15 different types of premium coffee to be precise with the most popular being the now traditional Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Tea, and Hot Chocolate. It is a perfect appliance for all members of the family, whatever their taste or coffee preferences.

Most capsule coffee machines work pretty much the same way. All you need to do is fill the water tank with water, put the coffee capsule and toggle the switch to set whether you want a hot or cold cup of coffee (yes, there are people out there that prefer cold coffee, believe it or not). Wait for just a couple of minutes and you can enjoy a freshly-brewed coffee as good as what you get from your favorite coffee shop.

What you get with the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio 2 is coffee that is just as good as your local coffee shop. It is a simple machine to use, I mean, you just have to press one button, how much easier can it get? The important bit, however, is that the quality of the coffee is simply brilliant, and with such a growing range of coffee capsules in the market, you are not limited to Nespresso ones to find the right coffee mix that you like.


Best Nespresso Coffee Machines in 2020

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